Dutch woman can keep lottery winnings in divorce

Divorce|December 30th 2015

A Dutch woman who won the lottery during her divorce has been told she can keep all of her winnings.

In a judgment published this week, the Amsterdam District Court ruled that she had no obligation to share the 2.1 million euro (£1.5 million) prize as the couple had already agreed which assets were to be divided. They filed the list of their money and property last October, and the wife won the lottery on New Year’s Day.

Her former husband claimed that he and his wife regularly played the lottery over the course of their 30 year marriage, and paid for it using household funds. Therefore, he believed he was entitled to a share of the winnings.

However, the judge said that the couple had separated their finances four years earlier. This occurred when the husband moved in with his new girlfriend. As a result, the wife had paid for the winning ticket with money from her own account.

The court ruled that “the prize won did not belong to their joint assets and that the court will hold the prize apart in its division of goods”. The rest of the couple’s assets – which were valued at less than 10,000 euros – were then divided between them.

In September, a Chinese man who won over £460,000 on the lottery divorced his wife before he collected his winnings.

Photo by Jeremy Brooks via Flickr

Author: Stowe Family Law

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