Colour your way through divorce

Children|December 31st 2015

A divorced mother in Illinois has developed a colouring book for adults going through divorce.

Sara Woodard-Ortiz lives in Danville, seat of Vermillion County in the Midwestern state. After separating from her husband, she searched the internet for resources to help her cope with the situation but was not impressed by what she found.

She told Commercial-News:

“There isn’t a whole lot out there. I was looking for any resources to help us. I could find information about the legal process and how to get another man, but there was nothing out there about how to talk to your kids about divorce.”

Women she spoke to said they were primarily worried about finances and any impact on the children. Woodward-Ortiz created a webstore entitled Heartly Broken, which recounts her experiences after deciding to divorce her husband last year. Visitors can sign-up for a newsletter and try a divorce workbook entitled the Heartly Broken Kit, which offers users a way to confront and manage their emotions during divorce.

“The first weeks and months after separation are a wreck. With so many emotions (mostly anger, sadness and confusion) it’s a wonder you make it through your day. I was in the same situation almost 1 year ago. When I was at my lowest, I realized in order to find happiness again I was going to have to deal with my pain head-on.”

In addition to the workbook, Woodward-Ortiz found inspiration in the newly popular genre of adult colouring books, which are marketed as therapeutic and relaxing. She realised that the activity was something that mothers could do with their children.

So the 32 year-old, a graphic design school graduate and website designer, created Color Through Divorce, a “therapeutic activity book”. Designed for mothers and children to use at the same time, the left side of each of the 50 drawings featured is for the child to colour while the mother works on the right side. The drawings are designed to promote conversation with the child, as well as to encourage emotional healing and provide simple relaxation, a “much-needed break from your worry about your separation and divorce”.

Woodward-Ortiz said the book was designed to appeal to children of different ages.

“I created ‘Color through Divorce’ to help the mother and her child stay connected and to facilitate discussions surrounding divorce so they can work through the pain and sadness together. I tried to keep the book as open-ended as possible as far as age of the children,” she added. “It doesn’t just focus on divorce but keeping a healthy balance.”

Color Through Divorce is currently available as a PDF download for$11, with a physical edition expected to be available via Amazon shortly.

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