Pop singer calls for divorce lessons

Divorce | 15 Feb 2016 1

Pop singer Lily Allen has called on school to teach children about divorce.

Speaking to London’s LBC Radio, the 30 year-musician said schoolchildren should be taught practical life skills such as managing money and how to get divorced.

She told host Shelagh Fogarty:

“I’ve never been able to get my head around my finances. I was terrible at maths. I’ve had an accountant in employment since the age of 19.”

She would struggle to help her daughter if she asked for help with practical, financial matters, she admitted, saying she would “not have a clue”.

Allen  told the station:

“It’s more me worrying about my children and them having to face the big, bad world without the necessary tools to do so.”

Children should be taught how to manage their money and deal with other financial challenges, she continued.

“An introduction to divorce! I dunno… things that everybody needs to know about!”

The singer, daughter of comedian and actor Keith Allen, released her third studio album in 2014. She has two children.

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    1. Harry W. says:

      I’ve never heard of pop singer Lily Allen…. and think I am probably not missing much…

      Rather than “simply” teaching children about DIVORCE, she should have been pointing out that they need to be educated about something that is slightly more “inevitable” — MARRIAGE. Since divorce doesn’t necessarily lead on from marriage — and if “The Art of REMAINING Married” is successfully taught, maybe we wouldn’t have QUITE so many divorces.

      Miss Allen is therefore not so remarkable for what she says, but what she didn’t think to say.

      Still, maybe in a back-handed way, she has helped focus attention on what IS important.

      In which case, she could be worth remembering.

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