Government earmarks £80 million for domestic violence

Family|March 9th 2016

The government has announced a new £80 million fund to help frontline services tackle domestic violence.

According to Home Secretary Theresa May, the money will be used to boost services available to victims, including refuges and crisis centres, and also fund development of new approaches to the issue. However, as the money forms part of the government’s newly published Violence Against Women and Girls strategy, it is unclear whether the money will also made available to services working with male victims.

The long-serving MP for Maidenhead in Berkshire explained:

“As the true scale of these crimes is revealed we need to strengthen our work to change attitudes, improve prevention and where possible rehabilitate offenders to stop reoffending.”

She continued:

“By allowing women to disclose violence as part of their everyday interactions we can support earlier identification and intervention to stop violence and abuse from escalating to critical levels.”

The government would, she insisted, “drive a real transformation of service provision, providing support to local commissioners so that all areas rise to the level of the best.”

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  1. Nemo Momenti says:

    This announcement comes the day after news reports of David Edwards being battered to death by his abusive wife, who was found guilty of murder, and yet it is not clear whether ANY of this money is to be allocated to assist male victims of domestic violence?

    Almost half of reports of domestic violence are of violence perpetrated on men by women, yet all the resources go into protecting women from men.

    This stinks, as does Theresa May’s narrow minded self-interest.

  2. The Devil's Advocate says:

    Wonderful that now both women AND men are going to receive extra protection from such perpetrators.
    Of those abused, 56% were women, 44% were men, according to the Parental Separation Clinics statistical data (2015).
    Thank you.

    • Luke says:

      We’ll see, it’s about how this is applied via internal policy that really counts – I’m not optimistic that it will be even-handed.

  3. Luke says:

    I thought this was interesting:
    If women are doing this to each other – does anybody seriously believe they are not doing it to men ?
    Remember this is not a website that is going to be anti-women in any way – it’s board of directors, advisory board and website moderators are all women.

  4. JamesB says:

    Another example of Westminster bubble and disengaged unrepresentative politicians.

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