Online dating linked to online divorce

Divorce|March 16th 2016

A Canadian lawyer has linked the increasing popularity of online dating to the growing use of video links in divorce courts.

William Leahy is based in Halifax, in the eastern province of Nova Scotia. Talking to CBC News, he claimed to have seen a surge in the number of divorces featuring testimony by video link, as a result of couples from widely separated regions meeting online and subsequently marrying.

“You have to have that kind of technical advance in divorce to make up for the technical advance in getting together,” he explained. “You’ll have one person wanting to go all the way back to Texas or California, and the question is where is the child going to reside under those circumstances? When that happens we often have lawsuits that are in part conducted over the internet.”

Canadian family courts are most likely to accept video testimony from witnesses and third parties involving in disputes, Mr Leahy continued.

“It’s very expensive to fly that witness to Nova Scotia, so we’ll set up a video feed so that that witness can testify here in Nova Scotia while remaining in California or Texas. Just a few years ago that was unthinkable.”

The lawyer’s claims were echoed by law professor Rollie Thompson of nearby Dalhousie University. He said the increasing use of video links in courtrooms raised certain legal questions that still lacked a clear answer.

“Our system of resolution of disputes works on the assumption that both parties are present. Both parties testify, both parties do so in the solemnity and the special conditions of a courtroom. The more you move away from that and allow people to testify by way of cellphone or video conferencing, the more you lose many of those things.”

He cited the courtroom oath, asking whether this has the same meaning when given by someone who is not physically present before the judge.

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  1. Luke says:

    It’s the same reason that the divorce rate in urban areas is higher than in rural areas – if you give women the opportunity to change their life they divorce in droves.
    I’m not against this, it is better that people have the opportunity to do whatever they want to do – I just think men should recognise this reality and respond by not getting married in the first place.

    • JamesB says:

      Well, I think your comment could apply to people in general, the easier you make divorce, the more divorce there is.

      I do contend your point that marriage is necessarily a bad thing. For example married people have more sex. I married again after a horrible first marriage and divorce about as bad to me as you could get.

      If done right, even with no fault divorce / divorce on demand (same thing) marriages are worth sticking up for.

      The problem is where politicians marry people against their will (example CSA or co-habitation law) or keep people married by making divorce harder (MCA 1973 or the dodgy divorce law and expensive legal system we have).

      For me getting married should be something you both apply for and you get a certificate for and frame and put on your wall or elsewhere and then if either of you don’t want to be married anymore you send it back registered post. All the rest of it is politicians and lawyers making a horrible mess of things and things worse than they would be otherwise.

      • Luke says:

        “Well, I think your comment could apply to people in general, the easier you make divorce, the more divorce there is.”
        Not really JamesB, 70% of divorces are initiated by women – women drive divorce – I’m not blaming them, I think hypergamy is an evolutionary advantage for women and is a perfectly natural tactic for them to employ.
        I don’t know a single couple of 20 years standing where I would aspire to that marriage – I thought I knew one – involving a woman I like very much (much older than me), but it turns out behind the scenes she has grown to have contempt for her husband.
        Yes, married couples on average have more sex than SINGLE people – but they also on average have less sex than cohabiting couples and more bad unsatisfying sex too 🙂
        I can’t see a single advantage marriage now brings to a man – NOTHING – but I can see HUGE disadvantages to men in divorce.
        If your idea of a certificate on a wall was real then I’m with you (although I do think 2-3 years of spousal support in certain cases to ease the transition is reasonable), but we know in our lifetimes it is never going to be like that – there’s waaaay too much money to be made out of it for governments and the legal system 🙁

  2. JamesB says:

    Women drive most divorces because they stand to gain most from them especially if children are involved. If the split were fairer they would initiate less.

    I believe I looked at who initiates separation amongst non marrieds and was 50:50 if you google it should see that perhaps men more when couple not married and with children.

    With regards to hypergamy, I had to look it up and must admit, I have seen elements in it from women and men, I remember once a woman telling me how annoyed she was when she found out that this chap had only hired a boat for a weekend and pretended he owned it then he had sex with her and didn’t contact her again.

    That said I don’t think all women are like that.

    I do know an older couple I respect who respect each other and have had their fifty year wedding anniversary. I admit though that she always earned more and he always did what he was told. I think they like each other although she did have an affair and he didn’t and she descides what gets bought. I also know another couple who stayed together but who both had affairs and both loved and respected each other. Unfortunately both their daughters divorced as their husbands wouldn’t do marriage like that.

    I don’t think its that uncommon.

    On the converse to that, if that’s the right word and not consumer influenced like woman can be, I have seen too many bitter older divorced people, men and women, who don’t like members of the opposite sex. I don’t want that.

    Thinking of deleting this rather than posting as am rambling, but will post it anyway.

    I don’t think we disagree really I think there has to be hope and don’t like the way the law can reward bad behaviour especially in divorce and think we agree on that.

    Hope this post makes sense as I am brainstorming a bit. Need to go now. Best regards to you all.

  3. JamesB says:

    By there has to be hope I mean sometimes you have to trust people I think, I think if I were in the position I was in now with my ex wife I wouldn’t have married her. I admit at the time, even at the big wedding, my hand did shake and hesitate when signing the certificate though and people noticed. Need to go now. Best regards to you all.

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