Fewer multinational divorces in Taiwan

Divorce|March 17th 2016

The number of Taiwanese citizens divorcing partners from other countries has fallen, new figures reveal.

Inhabitants of the Asian island filed for 53,000 divorces during 2015. Of these approximately 11,000, or just over 20 per cent, involved multinational couples, in which one partner was Taiwanese and other from a different country. This represents a drop of over three per cent on the previous year. The fall continues a year-on-year decline since 2010, when multinational divorce accounted for more 26 per cent of all separation s in Taiwan – a 15 year high.

Men appear to be significantly more likely than women to marry a foreign spouse: just 1,000 of the multinational divorces involved a Taiwanese woman. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the foreign spouses came from China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Statisticians noted that the divorce rate in Taiwan has risen and fallen erratically in recent years. Last year’s total represents a 0.5 increase on the previous year.

Meanwhile, 154,000 couples on the island married last year, a jump of more than three per cent. Of these, 20,000 involved a foreign spouse, China Topix reports.

Photo of Taiwanese capital Taipei by John Hill via Wikipedia

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  1. JamesB says:

    China is not a separate country to Taiwan.

    The United States and most other significant nations recognize one China and thus include the boundaries of Taiwan as being part of the boundaries of China.

    Since China claims Taiwan as its provoince, the international community does not want to contradict China on this matter. Thus, Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations. Plus, only 25 countries (as of early 2007) recognize Taiwan as an independent country and they recognize it as the “only” China. Due to this political pressure from China, Taiwan does not maintain an embassy in the United States and the United States (among most other countries) has not recognized Taiwan since January 1, 1979.

    Speaking as someone who has relatives living there.

    The language there is Mandarin also which is same as majority language of China including Beiging but not Hong Kong which is Cantonese but that is a separate matter. Mandarin has the biggest number of native speakers in the world.

    1. Mandarin Chinese Sino-Tibetan, Chinese 850 million (2000) 180 million in China (no date) 1,030
    2. English Indo-European, Germanic 340 million 510 million 840 million

    Also, Chinese and Japanese I find more racist than people of European origin. That said racism is reducing worldwide which is good.

  2. JamesB says:

    The figures are from Wikipedia, 3 figures for each language, number level 1 (1st language) speakers, number level 2 (not 1st language) speakers and combined total.


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