Elderly Japanese flocking to the divorce courts

Divorce|April 16th 2016

Divorce among older Japanese people has surged, new government figures suggest.

In 2014, 36,800 divorces amongst the elderly were registered according to Welfare Ministry figures cited by Josei Jishin magazine – a full 70 per cent more than 25 years ago.

Meanwhile divorce has declined among other sectors of Japanese society after peaking in 2002. The 2014 total – 222,104 – represents a drop of no less than 9,279 on the previous year.

As in western countries, the majority of Japanese divorces are instigated by women but the proportion of those initiated by Japanese men has increased dramatically – at 40 per cent in 2014 it had doubled in ten years.

Divorce counsellor Aksuko Ogano said an increasing number of husbands were growing disillusioned with their wives.

She told Japan Today:

“Over the past four or five years I’m seeing more women who’ve been cast off by their husbands. There’s the usual story about him wanting to live with his girlfriend, but it’s not only that. Lately it’s often a question of the husband being fed up with the wife’s attitudes toward life.”

Photo of Japan by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

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  1. Torvalds says:

    It is quite easy to see ONE reason why woman divorce their husbands (not the only one, but it HELPS!) is because they know they will “come out smelling like a rose” financially.

    I am talking about just husband and wife here. Different if it involves kids, I know. If they are DINKS, there is definitely a “pull” towards her divorcing him before he divorces her: Just think who has to PAY, even if she was earning too…!

    That is why the whole system for DINKS (Double Income, No Kids) is SO iniquitous! The divorce law has to be DIFFERENT for them! It simply can’t be “one size fits all”!

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