Husband collapses in court during divorce hearing

Divorce | 27 Apr 2016 1

A divorce hearing between an Egyptian couple came to an abrupt end when the man collapsed from a heart attack.

His wife had demanded a divorce, claiming her husband was mean with money despite owning a chain of furniture shops. At a hearing in Cairo, the judge had just asked the mother of four to elaborate on her reasons for wanting to separate when the man keeled over in the courtroom.

The wife rushed to his side, a source told the Egyptian press, and burst into tears, saying:

“Where are you going… to whom are you leaving us?”

He was declared dead on arrival at hospital.

Photo of Cairo by Raduasandei via Wikipedia

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    1. Andy says:

      If this happened in an English court room. Three stages of events would of taken place..
      1. Solicitor would of checked to see if he could pay..even tho he was deceased..(Making sure they would get ther money, then leave him to rot).
      2. Judge would award all financial gains to the Mother/partner. That’s because the judge could go home early, case closed…Round of golf chaps!!!!.Also making sure his court fees were paid first..
      3. NHS, if not on strike, would of supported a time span of emergency treatment. Currently free.
      4. Gary Linikars easy divorce would of been easier in this case…cheaper…

      In reality English court room justice as they say is a joke…your life in someone else’s hands…

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