Child Maintenance Service sees 21% increase in cases

Children|May 3rd 2016

The number of people who use the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) has increased by 21 per cent, official figures reveal.

The CMS had 227,000 open cases in February, according to newly published data from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This number has risen quite sharply since August 2013 when it was only 4,500.

As many as 215,400 children now benefit from the service, the government claimed.

The CMS was introduced in 2012 as a replacement for the Child Support Agency. It was designed as a way to encourage “separated parents to work together and set up their own family-based arrangements”. It was initially only available to families with four children. In July 2013 it was expanded to included families with two children and in November 2013 it was opened up to all families.

Last November the CMS was criticised by single parent charity Gingerbread. The organisation’s chief executive Fiona Weir said that the government had not taken the collection of arrears seriously and, as a result “children end up going without”.

However, the DWP claimed that seven out of every eight parents – 87 per cent – were paying money towards their children in February and that this number had remained steady throughout the previous year.

Read the DWP figures here.

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  1. Andy says:

    Yet again agency claims praise for the demands set againsed the NRP.
    The agency believes that both parents can talk and leave it to both parties to sort a amicable payment structure…In reality the agency demands and sets what you will pay and if not criminal action is taken..

    No wonder this approach has so many NRP dismayed at the threats and demands that most if not all PWC use this as a money generating tool to threaten the booted out parent…

    Yet reading the crap and of course how wonderful the government is in this action pitty it never sorted itself out with the farce all I can say on that note the paying parent got away with financial institutions obligations prior to the re branding from CSA to CMS.

    The formula used is appalling so much so that no wonder fathers are struggling to support themselves and told you will pay fixed amounts each month and if not the agency will take action..Typical..

    Where the system should of been noted as equal is means tested and if unequal salaries are noted a agreed payment scheme would of been better not just your salary high jacked by the agency as and when they please…twats.

  2. Ayesha says:

    I can only presume these figures were put out on April 1st as some kind of joke. If they are right then what is being done about the 13% that don’t pay, working cash in hand many also avoiding paying tax at the same time. All to save having to pay 15% of their wages towards their own flesh and blood. There are cases that have been going on years with thousands owed. But no repercussions against nrps. While the rp has to scrimp and save to support the child/ren. But hey if it’s only 13% then why isn’t more being done chasing these ones up?

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