US crowdfunding website introduces divorce option

Divorce|June 9th 2016

California-based crowdfunding website Plumfund has introduced a divorce option.

Users in the process of legal separation can now ask friends, family and the internet in general for help with the legal and other costs of their divorce.

Aimed principally at ordinary people seeking financial help with major life events, Plumfund offers users a variety of categories to use from when setting up appeals (called ‘funds’) or donating to others. These include animals and pets, funerals and memorials, community projects, “medical and hardships”, weddings and now divorces too.

Divorce appeals can be established both for personal use and for others and they can consist of a general cash pool or a registry with specific expense  specified – for example, legal costs, living expenses or help for the kids.

Plumfund was created by married couple Josh and Sara Margulis in 2006. Originally it focused on honeymoons costs only, under the name ‘Honeyfund’.

The addition of divorce costs was the suggestion of Huffington Post co-founder Ariana Huffington.

Sara told the Huffington Post:

“Because of my own experience, I loved the idea. I had a friend going through a long, drawn-out divorce and I had set up a Plumfund for her where friends and family could offer financial support. The friend was very grateful for the support.”


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