Plane delayed 7 hours by divorce plea

Divorce|July 6th 2016

A plane in Russia was delayed by seven hours this week because one passenger wanted a divorce.

The internal flight from capital Moscow to Vladivostok, a port city on the Pacific Ocean, could not take off because an unnamed woman in her 40s demanded to be let off the plane. She reportedly said she was “not in the mood to fly now” over and over again.

She told the cabin crew that she needed to get off the plane immediately so she could bring her marriage to an end. Reports of the incident do not make it clear whether her husband was on the flight with her.

Flight attendants reportedly spent more than an hour trying to convince the woman to remain on the plane but she insisted they allow her to leave. She was eventually let off the plane but as a result the remaining passengers were also forced to disembark. The plane and every piece of luggage had to be inspected by security again before they could take off.

By the time this had been completed and the more than 500 passengers had returned to the plane, the flight had been delayed by seven hours.

One angry passenger took to social media to vent her frustration, posting photographs and videos of the people getting off the plane to her Instagram account. She said that the Rossiya Airlines had refused to comment on the incident and it was “a shame that this woman will not suffer any punishment”.

Photo by Eli Duke via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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