Mothers’ pay suffers for 12 years

Family|August 23rd 2016

The pay gap between men and women widens for more than a decade after a woman has a child.

New research from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) suggests that on average women earn 18 per cent less per hour than men do. This widens each year after a woman becomes a mother and peaks at around 33 per cent after 12 years.

The average gender gap increases by around two per cent for each year a woman is out of work by the time she returns. This effect is doubled among higher-paid jobs with mothers losing four per cent of their hourly wage each year in relation to men. Researchers labelled this a “wage penalty” for mothers.

However, the overall wage gap has actually fallen significantly in the last 20 years. In 1993, men earned 28 per cent more than women and this fell to 23 per cent by 2003.

Research author Robert Joyce is an Associate Director at IFS. He said that the overall reduction “has been the result of more women becoming highly educated” and an increasingly narrow gap in low wage jobs. The gap between high earning men and women remains largely unchanged in the past two decades.

The gap that emerges after a woman has a child could be due to a “lack of wage progression”, he said. As some mothers work fewer hours they are more likely to miss out on promotions or pay rises.

Joyce said:

“Understanding that lack of progression is going to be crucial to making progress in reducing the gender wage gap.”

Motherhood also had a significant impact on employment rates. Before becoming parents, roughly the same percentage of men and women had full-time jobs. But after having a child, women whose highest qualifications were GCSEs had a 33 per cent lower employment rate than men. Among women who had A-Levels the gap was 19 per cent and for university graduates it was 16 per cent.

Earlier this year, progressive think-tank IPPR claimed that men’s salaries increase when they have children, while women’s salaries tend to fall.

The full report is available here.

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  1. Andy says:

    So that’s why ex fathers have to pay more by the enforcement and incompetent agency’s..
    So what do ex fathers have in equality..nothing,it’s only one way traffic…

  2. Luke says:

    Earlier this year, progressive think-tank IPPR claimed that men’s salaries increase when they have children, while women’s salaries tend to fall.
    I am not surprised – there is likely to be a wife when he gets home cracking the whip telling him he needs to do more hours and get that promotion because she wants a better life for little Samantha and little Nigel !

  3. JamesB says:

    They seem to be saying that they don’t value motherhood or fatherhood but only money and that is nasty.

  4. JamesB says:

    They being the feminists complaining. When this comes on radio or TV or Web I turnover or skim it.

  5. JamesB says:

    There is a fair deal to be objectively done here. Equality in pay and childcare.

    90 percent plus of main carers being female isn’t equality I dont hear the feminists shouting to change that and equal parenting on separation and divorce as they should!

  6. JamesB says:

    Overall 90 percent plus of time following separation fathers get not enough contact that issue is intertwined with this and needs give and take from men and women to resolve. Neither seem particularly intent on moving from traditional gender roles a few exceptional have it all career women.

  7. JamesB says:

    A circular argument and subject to which there is no argument and goes round and round. Worth studying as good for women and men to get on better. The dissolving if the family and replacing with female soldiers etc? Can’t see it happening. They tried and failed that in Israel and Soviet Union.

  8. JamesB says:

    I also don’t like women not being independent and bullied by their husbands so we need better comprehensive solutions on this for both sees. If you just give to women then you take from men and vice versa. When they repealed slavery they purchased the slaves for example. Don’t want wedge between men and women driven by single minded feminists pushing female entitlements without regard for men.

  9. paul apreds says:

    What better justification is there for Shared Parenting. Quite rightly the Women’s Equality party place that at the heart of their family policies. Some might say that women who don’t agree with share patenting must either be betraying other women or content to rely on either State benefits or to be kept by a man. Naturally I wouldn’t go along with such a simplistic interpretation of the situation

  10. JamesB says:

    People who don’t agree with Shared Parenting, pushing for equal pay, do such people seriously exist? I think not. Its just Shock Jocks, gossip mongers and wind-up murchants pushing one without the other. At least Woman’s Equality party sound like they have a coherent goal. Do I agree with it? I won’t duck the issue like everyone else on here, no. If you are a man and do, give them a call, they are desperate to get more men like Hermoine said. Men and women are equal but different.

    We live in a post feminist place where a lot of women are single due to the (sex) war and looking for something better than the empty feminist rhetoric of the 70s. Like Hermoine said, the answer should be along the lines of what women and men want rather than just what women want. Politicians too should look to that currently also as they also seem to be scratching around a bit at the moment with their lack of a clue wrt Brexit and Tampons and plastic bags and lack of support.

    • JamesB says:

      Politicians lack of a clue wrt – with regards to – family law and many other issues also. I won’t go on as I’m tired of the subject and talking with myself on here on this. Family and child maintenance law written by feminist lobbyists is one of the reasons we have bad law in this area. Politics should be less about lobbying and more about representation.

  11. JamesB says:

    On second thoughts, perhaps it is better to duck the issues and not say what you think rather than be called names or thought mad or un Politically Correct. I can see why politicians do not answer questions sometimes.

  12. JamesB says:

    To clarify, I don’t think men and women are that different, I have seen very good women and very bad men and vice versa. I agree with my sister when she said that the best work environments are mixed, I have found all male and all female environments difficult, they get bitchy, all men and all women groups. I don’t think we will ever get to equality as we are different but as in life the fun is in trying and the journey.

  13. JamesB says:

    TV shows are also like that, I the last episodes aren’t usually the best.

  14. JamesB says:

    Also, I think has been survey after survey that women find metrosexual man a turn-off. That’s a bit of a pity as I think if I were allowed (social convention seems to say otherwise) to be a house husband.

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