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Husband of beauty blogger says he’ll pay for half their divorce

The estranged husband of a Derbyshire beauty blogger has said he’ll pay for half the costs of their divorce.

The 28 year-old, who lives in Chesterfield, caused a stir earlier this month with a “tongue in cheek” listing for her wedding dress on auction website eBay. Saying her husband had left her for another woman after just 18 months, the listing claimed buyers would have to wash off “the stench of betrayal” and that the dress was full of “bad memories and shattered hopes”.

She had, she reported, “pretty much burned/permanently deleted everything” with his ex’s face on it, so was only able to post two photos of the dress. Despite the apparently bitter words, she insisted she had since forgiven her ex for a “terrible and really hurtful mistake” and now wished him “all the best”.

The listing attracted a wave of media interest and went viral. Despite costing “my poor parents around £2,000 brand new in 2014!”, the ivory dress ended up selling for a colossal £65,900, although it remains unconfirmed whether that amount was actually paid.

Her husband has since responded with a video message on YouTube. Now a bartender in Majorca, the man admitted falling in love with another woman and leaving, but insisted that he had always planned to split the cost of the divorce. But when she asked him to pay the full bill he had balked he said.

“When we agreed to start divorce proceedings, I was under the impression that we’ll be paying for half each. When the divorce papers came through and it was asking me to pay for everything then, yes, I did refuse. So, as it stands, the offer is still there – I’m more than happy to pay for half of the divorce.”

He struck a conciliatory note, praising his ex as an “amazing, amazing woman” and saying he hoped her fashion and lifestyle blog would take off on the back of all the media attention.

“I’ve always said it has been beautifully written, even if you are taking down the articles about our adventures and epic fails which were some of the comedy stories that were on there. So, as I finish this, I just want to wish you and your new boyfriend all the best for the future.”

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Destruction and divorce aside, it’s actually quite an inspirational story on how you really can earn money by thinking outside the box and arriving at some of the most spectacular original and unexpectedly successful ideas. You don’t need to be permenantly broke, break the law, hurt anyone or sit there pitifully believing that “this is my life” not knowing how you’re going to get through the next couple of days, let alone actually achieve financial security. And I’ve previously been so broke that I’d regularly go three days with no food and survive on fresh tomatoes and lots of water. And it’s ironically some of the most simple nonsensical ideas that end up reaping dividends. I need to embark upon some out of the box, original thinking. But there’s always an answer somewhere within if we can find it whilst not emotionally or physically hurting another.

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