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Muslim woman blamed Sharia after abandoning her children

A Lebanese woman who abandoned her children blamed Sharia law, a court in Australia heard.

The mother was a devout Muslim living in Sydney. She had three children, aged nine, 14 and 17. Following a divorce from her then husband, who was also Lebanese and had a history of violent behaviour, she remarried and promptly abandoned the children, saying they could not live with her in her new husband’s home because he had no obligation to look after them under Sharia law.

Australian social services were forced to intervene. The younger two were taken into foster care, with both parents only allowed supervised visits. Meanwhile the 17 year-old was sent to live with his father, despite the latter’s history.

At the Family Court in Sydney suburb Parramatta, a judge explained that:

“The mother has completely abrogated her responsibilities as a parent in refusing to have the children live with her and proffering as an excuse that her new husband should not be required to care for another man’s children as it’s contrary to Islamic law.”

This explanation was rejected by legal professor Dr Hossein Esmaeili, an expert in Middle Eastern law. He told The Australian:

“She may have made the claim, but it is not based on Islamic law.”

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  1. Dr Grumpy says:

    This is why sharia law has no place in western society and should not be recognised or tolerated.

    • Mehul Desai says:

      Dr Grumpy – have you even read the article?

      The expert in Sharia Law has confirmed that the Mother is (1) lying or (2) misinformed

      Dr Hossein Esmaeili said “She may have made the claim, but it is not based on Islamic law.”

      • spinner says:

        Whatever the article states is minor compared to the generally un-British nature of sharia law and so it clearly has no place in western society and I agree should not be recognised or tolerated.

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