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US TV series Divorce begins next month

US cable channel HBO launches a new comedy focused on married life next month.

With the self-explanatory title Divorce, the show stars Sarah Jessica Parker in her first lead role since popular comedy-drama Sex and the City, which ended its six year television run in 2004. She places a recruiter who lives with her property developer husband Robert and their two children in Westchester County, an affluent region of New York State. Her character, Frances, begins an affair and then one day decides to divorce her husband.

The show was created by Anglo-Irish actress and writer Sharon Horgan, winner of two British Comedy awards.

Parker, meanwhile, is executive producer of the show. She said:

“I was really curious about exploring marriage and everything that meant.”

She added:

“It was just a landscape that I thought seemed rich.”

Showrunner Paul Simms said he was confident there was plenty of comedic potential in divorce. “We are definitely not trying to do six seasons of two people fighting with each other.”

But, he continued:

“I know people who are going into their fifth year or so of still-unresolved divorces. You always hear those nightmare stories, where they end up where they would have ended up if they’d sat down with a legal pad at the kitchen table and said all right, you take this and I’ll take that.”

Divorce premieres in the United States on October 9. A UK divorce date has not been announced.

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  1. Alexandra Power says:

    It’s close to 7am and yet another night of insomnia. And at points of exhaustion, my brain comes up with some radical random outside the box thoughts. This morning it’s “Would it be a good idea to ban marriage on the grounds it would save an awful lot of potential heartache, money and possibly lessen animosity”? It would save considerable expense and wipe out the stresses of legal procedures required. And it could have the most important bonus of all……. Less traumatised children?

    Because a Divorced Child is a Traumatised Child.

    Obviously, and tragically, not in all cases would be better for me children because there’s unfortunately lots of parents out there who should technically be banned from procreating at all. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean that you should!!! Have children that is!’

    Yes I know that would mean no need for divorce lawyers, but there’s plenty other areas of law which are just as exciting……like probate, (a dying trade), tax law, (learn some financial tricks of the trade there), or Intellectual Property, (so mind-numbingly boring that you can catch up on lost sleep from previous excessive work and exhaustion with couples at war who couldn’t split a lunch bill, let alone their assets)!

    It’s finally morning and I think I should sleep now before I lose my cognitive functions completely.

  2. Luke says:

    “Yes I know that would mean no need for divorce lawyers, but there’s plenty other areas of law which are just as exciting”
    Tell that to a divorce lawyer with a mortgage, school fees and an outstanding car payment on the Beemer, if you think anything is actually going to change you still haven’t woken up yet !

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