Millionaire will not divorce granddaughter

Marriage|October 3rd 2016

A millionaire in the United States will not divorce his third wife despite finding out she is his granddaughter.

The husband claims that many years ago his first wife left him and took their children with her. Since then, he insists that he has been unable to locate her or the children. One of his children from that marriage turned out to be his third wife’s father.

Three months after their wedding, the couple made this discovery while looking through one of the husband’s photo albums. His 24 year-old wife recognised her father in some of the pictures and felt “an overwhelming sense of despair”.

However, even after this revelation the couple have said they will not seek a divorce or an annulment. The husband, who won a substantial fortune in a multi-state lottery, told a local newspaper that he had “already had two failed marriages and [was] determined not to have a third”. Meanwhile his wife said their relationship was “so strong that even something like this [was] not enough to make [them] give up”.

The couple met online last year. The 68 year-old husband was living in a waterfront property in Miami, Florida and started visiting online dating sites because he felt lonely after his second divorce. There he found “profiles of many attractive younger girls”. When he stumbled upon his future wife’s profile he experienced “a sense of déjà vu” but “couldn’t figure out why she seemed so familiar”.

Meanwhile, the wife had been living 327 miles away in Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city. She worked as an exotic dancer in order to provide for her daughter. When she initially fell pregnant with the child her father, the son of the man she later married, kicked her out of the family home.

After they began their relationship, the couple moved in together in Miami’s upscale Golden Beach neighbourhood.

Photo of Miami, Florida by John Spade Follow via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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