Government promises are ‘not enough’ for single parents

Family|November 25th 2016

The promises made by the government in this week’s Autumn Statement are not enough to help struggling families, a charity has claimed.

Single parent organisation Gingerbread has said that Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond “missed a crucial opportunity” to help single parent families.

Measures announced during the Statement included an increase in the national living wage and a small cut to the universal credit ‘taper rate’. This is a means-tested financial support system for people of working age. However, if they earn above a certain threshold, called a ‘work allowance’, they only receive a portion of the wages above that level. A cut to this taper rate will mean people can keep slightly more of the money they earn above the work allowance.

Gingerbread’s Director of Policy Dalia Ben-Galim said that while these new measures were welcome, “they are not anywhere near enough to undo the damage that has already been done”. Instead of doing more to make things easier for low-income families “the Chancellor made the choice to splurge on a personal tax allowance giveaway which helps those on higher incomes more than it does those on low incomes” she claimed.

The charity claimed that the delayed rollout of the universal credit scheme meant that some families who need help to afford childcare so they can continue working would not get any until 2022. Ben-Galim insisted that making such an investment “would boost productivity by raising maternal employment rates, generating £436m to the Treasury from tax revenue and welfare savings”.

Although the government has promised to help families who are struggling, the Autumn Statement “has been yet another disappointment” for those in need, she said.

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  1. Andy says:

    If I hear that useless feminist group “Gingerbread” one more time bleeting and bleeding pressure group
    For more money for single parents and what are the government doing for mothers then they should be shut down..
    As a father the pressure to support and the group who promote as a caring support group are just a bullying group to run the government into what ever they want…
    High time such group were challenged in there actions..Funny if this was a all male group challenging Gingerbread and there demands what a difference the outcome would be..
    All gingerbread are idiots who think they are in control but clearly are beyond any credibility…

  2. Andy says:

    This is the ever so supportive group who are lobbying for the £20 CMS application fee to be scrapped the 4% rule paid by fathers kept…
    Bloody idiots….
    Whatever next they will be lobbying forsinglemotherd day next in support of the role they lead…more like golddiggers day…

  3. Yvie says:

    This is the group which claims to be a single parents group but which is actually a single mothers group. Single fathers on incomes of less than £25,000 a year are also struggling, especially when up to £4,000 of that income is earmarked for child support before rent and essentials are paid for. No-one doubts that fathers need to support their own children and most are more than willing. However, when a father on a low income pays up to 20% of is wages to someone who is earning a great deal more than he does and who has perhaps re-married, coupled with child benefits, some Government support should be given to the single father. Seems fair to me, but no doubt Gingerbread would be horrified at such a suggestion.

  4. spinner says:

    Why should men collectively pay for single women to have children through taxation. If women want to have children they need to figure out a way to work and pay for it themselves or get married.

  5. Weak arsed men with weak arse opinions says:

    Good God what a bunch of sexist pigs you all are!!
    Why on earth you are commenting when you cannot even fathom that GINGERBREAD IS FOR SINGLE PARENTS….so that means Mothers AND FATHERS you ignorant bunch. So what about the people that have suffered domestic violence from their partner/husband should they stay with that person just so they don’t force them to pay for a child that they obviously also forced the man to have?!?

    • JamesB says:

      You are wrong. I am a single parent. I see my children every other weekend. Apparently that is insufficient for me to be allowed to put an opinion on their site that is different from the normal group think ‘main’ carer single mothers and therefore my access was banned and I was unable to write any further. Ok, I could have started again under another name, but I took the hint and it is a place for feminist women to moan about men. Perhaps this place is too much in the opposite direction, however it does at least allow you your opinion and to voice it. Gingerbread is Politically Correct and cares only for giving as much money to main carer as possible, not the well being of the children and not for a better society, quite the opposite, they are really into sex war.

      • JamesB says:

        Speaking as someone with over 30 years experience with the organisation, I advise them to make peace with men and help do more dating rather than man hating as it does their members and their children no good all the hating, I agree with Jo Cox and her husband on that, too much hating, not much else, but I agree with them on that.

      • JamesB says:

        Gingerbread, and indeed the whole ‘divorce and separation industry’ need to acknowledge that where a couple split it is not that the primary carer is the good parent and the non resident parent is the bad person. They should be more welcoming towards the second parent. That they are not is bad and bad for society. I see my children thus that makes me a single parent also, as John Lennon said, for the other half of the sky. Should be ok for Single Mums to meet with Single Dads rather than moan about them, then perhaps there would not be as many single mums and single dads, I think rather it should be that mothers and fathers get on rather than moan about each other for their own sakes as well as for the sake of the children

  6. JamesB says:

    I do not think this site is too much in the opposite direction to single parents. The point is that it at least allows those who are not that (PC) way inclined (example me Yvie Spinned Stitchedup Nordic et al, sorry if I missed you, I am rushing again), in their views (pro single parenthood) to have and express a view different from that (PC) view, even if the people who write the articles are PC and don’t stray from the establishment tried and proved not to work PC way. They do at least allow us to talk unlike Gingerbread who I found to be very oppressive and straightjacketed in what is acceptable to be like to post. Perhaps more jaw jaw and less war war and we would not have the bad laws with so much arguing between parents who used to get on very well. Let us not forget that these men and women used to get on.

    Read a criticism of white people from the Muslims the other day that the men don’t get on with the women and sadly he (or she) may have had a point and we need to work on improving that including Gingerbread and them being more accepting of non resident parents, and men, big time. Reminds me of SPAT, that film with Hugh Grant About a boy. Peace and love.

  7. JamesB says:

    Peace and love please.

  8. JamesB says:

    Going to 15 year old oldest boy’s parents evening with my ex later. Bloody hard. Think my tongue may be bitten raw by tomorrow. Not sure if this is what’s best, I find it so hard to do the Christian thing but am thinking for the children, but I suppose its forgive but not forget but forgiveness is very very hard and some expectations are too high, I suppose the thing is to do the best for the children and think it would be better for them if we can be in the same room together, I find it very hard almost impossible though. It is difficult but I think better to try and take some weight from the children as they also have a hard time with it, divorce is hard on everyone including the children.

  9. JamesB says:

    Interested on if anyone else manages to do this parents evening thing with ex ok or ideas on it please as I don’t know and am trying but am not sure.

    • Yvie says:

      James, do the parents evening with your ex. At least this way you are involved in all aspects of your son’s life. Speaking as a grandmother, my ex dil has never had a good word for my son. Dont know why as he hung on in there with marriage as he has two boys and did not want their lives disrupted and he has always wanted to co-parent and be at the centre of their lives. To no avail as my ex dil detests my son and unfortunately it seems to filter through to the boys. One aged 16, is now alienated, the other still comes as per the shared cared order, but I wonder for how long. It must be a strain on him as he is only 12. Keep on good terms with your ex. if you can James, to co-parent is far better than to be gradually eased out of the lives of your children. Best wishes.

  10. SARAH says:

    James, please explain what part of what i said makes me “Wrong”? The above comments enraged me this morning as not all women chase men for money and are not all gold diggers. Sure there are alot of women (and men) that are this way inclined but then there are also alot who are not. I personally never went on any forum at Gingerbread i just used them a few times in regards to certain advice and they were very helpful and i never came across any “Man Haters”
    As a child who grew up without a father from the age of 5 i know how that can destroy a persons life and therefore i bit my tounge over and over with my sons father just so that my son could feel supported by both his Mum & Dad. However my son has said he no longer wants to see him down to the abuse and aggressive nature of his father. Go to your sons parents evening and talk to you son and act as though you have no problem with your ex……believe me your son will thank you for it!!

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