Minority children ‘struggle with social mobility’

Family|December 29th 2016

Ethnic minority children find social mobility more difficult than white children despite doing better in school.

This claim was made by the Social Mobility Commission (SMC), a publicly-sponsored advisory body, following the publication of their latest research on the subject. The SMC said there were “stark differences” in the opportunities available to different ethnic groups in the UK regardless of how well they did in school.

White boys from low income homes tend to do poorly throughout their education and are the worst performing group at both primary and secondary school. Of those boys, only one in ten will go to university.

By contrast three in ten black Caribbean children will enter higher education, as will half of children from a Bangladeshi background and as many as seven out of every ten from low income Chinese homes.

However white Britons of both genders have a lower unemployment rate than ethnic minority groups despite not doing as well in school, according to the SMC report, and are significantly more likely to find “secure jobs in managerial or professional occupations”.

The researchers suggested that such factors as “cultural, family and individual expectations, geography and direct/indirect discrimination” could explain the gap between educational achievement and workplace success in some ethnic groups.

Former MP Alan Milburn is Chair of the SMC. He said it was “striking” that the groups who do better in school “are losing out when it comes to jobs and opportunities later in life”. Although he was concerned at how badly poor white boys do during their education, the Commission’s research indicates that “they are less likely to be unemployed and face social immobility than young people from black and Asian communities”. This was especially true of Asian women he explained.

Milburn added:

“The British social mobility promise is that hard work will be rewarded. This research suggests that promise is being broken for too many people in our society.”

Read the SMC’s report here.

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  1. spinner says:

    The worst performing group at school are indigenous boys, that needs to be resolved way ahead of concerns with immigrants social mobility.

    • Stitchedup says:

      Agreed Spinner. Unfortunately, neglecting indigenous boys is fair game in the eyes of the politically correct, feminist policy makers. In they’re eyes indigenous boys are simply part of the patriarchy and deserve to be held back in the interest of social engineering and furthering the Interests of women and minorities. Unless Policy makers wake up to the issues men and boys face I feel we will see a move to the far right on the back of yet more populist ideology I.e. The little man will only see a solution to his problems in the far right as they appear to be the only people that acknowledge the issues and speak up about them. That’s not a healthy situation and politicians need to get they’re heads out of their backsides and stop riding the politically correct gravy train.

      • spinner says:

        Agreed it is very “odd” that the education system has started to fail indigenous boys to the degree it has and with the speed it has. Groups of Men with a legitimate grievance and plenty of spare time are never a good idea for any society.

      • JamesB says:

        Having a mixed race child I am also especially alarmed by the growing racism and segmentation of society, which like stitchedup alludes to above is not what I voted for with Brexiteers, quite the opposite I thought I was voting for indeed.

  2. Stitchedup says:

    Their eyes

  3. JamesB says:

    Having a go at Asian women for not working more is also missing the point as the article and politicians do. It’s Political Correctness gone bad. If you.must. Have a go at them not drinking alcohol and going to the pub more, staying at home more probably helps their families stay together more and divorce less as proved by statistics. My wife works. I hope 2017 is less confused then 2016 and hope Trump isnt bad

  4. JamesB says:

    I work too. Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to a good 2017.

  5. What Is Low Social Mobility Foundation | Best Lawyer Guidance says:

    […] Minority children ‘struggle with social mobility’ – Ethnic minority children find social mobility more difficult than white children despite … groups in the UK regardless of how well they did in school. White boys from low income homes tend to … […]

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