Nigerian wife wants to divorce ‘lying’ husband

Divorce|February 1st 2017

A woman living in the Nigerian capital Abuja has applied to divorce her husband after she discovered his claims to hold a well-paid job were fictitious.

Appearing in a customary court (applying traditional tribal law), the wife told the judges that her spouse had claimed before their marriage to have a job at Zenith Bank, a major financial institution in the West African nation. He also boasted  of a successful  business. It was only after their wedding that she discovered he was actually unemployed.

She complained:

“He never told me that he had no job, instead he kept telling me that he works with the Zenith Bank and that he has a business in Lagos, that yields him millions. It was after I got married to him that I discovered the whole truth about him.”

Since then, the wife continued, she had made strenuous efforts to persuade him to find a job but to no avail.

“He is lazy and does not want to do anything for a living; I have been lending him money, hoping that he would pay back. I sponsored our wedding, I even lent him money to pay my bride price.”

Similar to a dowry, a bride price is traditionally paid in some parts of the world to the families of young women when they marry.

The wife “begged” the court to end the couple’s marriage and free her, saying he was tired of “feeding, clothing and paying medical bills” for her recalcitrant spouse.

The presiding judge adjourned the case till later this month.

Photo of Abuja by Chippla via Wikipedia

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