Children ‘worry all the time’

Family|February 6th 2017

Almost two thirds of primary school children in the UK worry “all the time” according to a new survey.

Mental health charity Place2Be has polled more than 700 children between the ages of ten and 12 from England, Scotland and Wales. Participants were asked what kind of things caused them distress and often these feelings occurred. A startling number – 63 per cent – told the charity they worried “all the time”.

Two fifths said their concerns can get in the way of their schoolwork and 30 per cent claimed that once they start worrying they cannot stop.

More than half of the children surveyed – 54 per cent – said issues with their family caused them to worry either “a lot” or “all the time”. Friends’ well-being was cited by 48 per cent of children as a similar cause for concern.

Place2Be Chief Executive Catherine Roche explained that although adults “like to think of primary school as an innocent, happy time … in reality we know that young children can worry about a lot of things”. Although feelings like this are natural, “if these worries become more serious or persistent, it’s important that children know where they can turn for help” she said.

Despite these worrying statistics, there were also some positive findings in the survey.  The vast majority – 84 per cent – of children thought it was very important that they are kind to one another. Similarly high numbers said that if one of their classmates was upset they would ask how they were, try to cheer them up and listen to them.

Roche was encouraged by these results and claimed that “seemingly small things, like asking someone how they are or listening to them, can make a big difference” to someone who is stressed or worried.  Children need to “learn to look out for each other, and know how to get help if they need it” because those “are skills that will last a lifetime” she said.

Read more results from the Place2Be survey here.

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  1. keith says:

    Very interesting that Place2be claim to be working in the best interests of the children but in our experience its not the case. we have been treated like criminals by Place2be simply because our 3 children were wrongly removed from our home. the SS only got the sec20 signed after two mash team S/workers threatened to call the police when we refused to sign it.
    our middle son 7 at the time in Nov 2015 was put on Place2be at his school after becoming very upset. even though we still had full parental responsibility they refused to share any data collected from our son and referred us to the LA. but the LA have repeatedly told us they have no information about our son from Place2be as its kept confidential. We have sent numerous Emails to the School and to Place2be head office but they simply ignore us. we have not seen our son in contact for two yrs. excuse given is that he wants nothing to do with us anymore. we know this is lies because he loved his family very much and was always happy coming to contact until the case was handed over to a child protection S/W then he stopped coming to contact two weeks later. there is no doubt they have severed the ties between us and now they have done it with our 3 yr old son. its now 10 months since we have seen him even though the LA have a supervision order to make shure contact continues but they told us the F/carer will not agree to any further contact as its upsetting the children. these people are Evil.

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