Charity calls for protection of children’s rights following Brexit

Family Law|March 2nd 2017

Children’s charity Coram has called on the government to protect the rights of children following Britain’s eventual exit from the European Union.

In a new briefing paper, the campaigners say the government must guarantee children’s rights from the first day of Brexit onwards, ensuring that existing legislation based on EU law is maintained or even “enhanced”. The rights of children and their families who have settled in the UK from abroad must also be protected Coram insists. An eventual British Bill of Rights, as discussed by the Conservative Party, must include children’s rights the charity adds, and they believe the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child must be incorporated into English law.

Coram CEO Dr Carol Homden said:

“It will take a determined and difficult process to ensure that every child can face the future with safety and security through and beyond the transition out of the EU. Critical issues that need to be considered include the citizenship or residence of children, an impact assessment prior to any changes in initiatives currently funded by EU, the maintenance of international commitments which protect children, such as around sexual exploitation, and for there to be no tolerance of xenophobic bullying wherever it may occur.”

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Photo by Mark Emery via Flickr

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  1. Andrew says:

    I’m a Bremainer and I think Brexit is the worst decision in living memory.
    But it’s the democratic decision and I am becoming weary of this group and that group saying that Brexit must not lead to this or that changing. Every change in our laws and institutions which derives from our membership of the EU now falls to be reconsidered. No exceptions.

  2. David Burrows says:

    Don’t forget children’s rights in court proceedings which will be lost on EU withdrawal – eg

  3. Yvie says:

    All the EU legislation in the world will never protect children from an alienating parent. The quiet but constant drip of poison is almost unstoppable.

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