Divorcing couple row over Irish property

Family Law|March 8th 2017

An estranged couple are disputing ownership of a holiday home in Ireland at the High Court.

The Irish couple, who lived near Virginia Water in Surrey, both claim they claim they should be awarded the property, in County Galway, in their pending divorce.

In court the wife insisted that the village in question – Corr na Móna in the country’s Irish-speaking far west – “isn’t big enough for both of us”.

The couple had travelled for work during their marriage, living in a number of countries, before building their holiday home in Corr na Móna, which had been home to generations of the wife’s family. Life was much simpler there than in Surrey she told Mr Justice Holman:

“There is one road in and one road out. There is one shop, one pub. The doctor visits once a week.”

But her now retired husband told Mr Justice Holman he wants to live there as well and he enjoys the local fishing.

The Judge noted that the wife felt the village was “ancestral territory” for her. She claimed her estranged husband did not really want to live there and was only saying so to spite her, The Telegraph reports. But he denied this, citing the spectacular views in the area.

“I like to fish. I like to walk, I play guitar, I like to cook, I like to read, I like to meditate.”

Mr Justice Holman asked whether the former couple could use the house at different times of the year. But the wife insisted:

“We are getting divorced.”

The case continues.

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