Divorce dispute lasts longer than marriage

Divorce|March 20th 2017

An ongoing financial dispute between a divorced couple has now run longer than the pair were married.

The former husband was a commodities broker with homes in Ibiza and Verbier, Switzerland, while the wife was a model. Now both in their early thirties, the couple met in 2010 and lived a “hedonistic” life until they married three years later in a ceremony which reportedly cost around £200,000.

However their marriage only lasted five months. Although they have divorced the financial dispute has gone on ever since, with the wife spending £230,000 on lawyers already. She has claimed that her ex-husband had not provided full disclosure of his assets during their divorce. There was evidence that he had £20 million to his name in 2007 despite declaring bankruptcy that year, she insisted.

The wife’s lawyers also maintained that the husband would regularly spend as much as £4,000 on nightclub visits and had previously run up a credit card debt of more than £200,000 in just 12 months. They claimed that he owed his ex-wife more than £100,000 in maintenance.

Meanwhile, the husband’s legal team questioned just how much the wife was entitled to receive considering the couple were married for just five months.

Mr Justice Baker declared that these questions needed to be reconsidered at a fresh hearing. However, he urged the pair to come to an agreement sooner rather than later.

He told them:

“The more you spend on legal proceedings, the less money there will be to share between you.”

A previous judge made orders against the husband late last year, and this hearing was his appeal against that decision. He told Mr Justice Baker that he had been forced to participate in the 2016 proceedings over the phone from his home in Ibiza while he was battling pneumonia, The Times reported.

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