Catholic Church ‘remains firm on family teachings’

Divorce|April 17th 2017

The Catholic Church has not changed its stance on a range of controversial family and social issues a senior cleric has declared.

Cardinal Gerhard Muller is head of the influential Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the modern successor to the infamous Inquisition of the Middle Ages. In a lengthy interview, published as a book and newly translated into English, the German cleric insists the Catholic Church remains resolute on a number of contentious teachings despite suspicion from conservatives that Pope Francis might be softening his stance on divorce.

Such concerns are unfounded, the Cardinal declares, saying that the Church continues to disapprove of cohabitation, homosexuality, adultery and divorce, while Catholics who divorce and remarry are still firmly barred from taking communion.

In the extended interview, published as The Cardinal Muller Report, the 69 year-old Prelate explains:

“Saint John Paul II warned that being pastoral does not mean a compromise between the doctrine of the Church and the complex reality of daily life but, rather, leading individuals to Christ.”

Allowing civilly divorced Catholics to resume holy communion would be no less than the promotion of a “false concept of God” he insisted, as well as a “false interpretation of mercy”.

Photo of communion wafers by Awareness Campaign via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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  1. Paul says:

    The Catholic church has stayed true to its interpretation of god as laid out clearly in the king James bible.
    The bible clearly puts women subservant to men, it disaproves of homosexuality and devorce has no place.
    Preasure on the churchs is trying to alter the church beyond recognition. You either accept it as it is or leave it alone.
    There is nobody preasuring Muslims to accept eating of pork and start eating bacon sandwichs. Its the same thing. Your asking the church to accept something which is against Gods wishes.
    You either accept what is laid out in the bible or you don’t.
    It amazes me that so many homosexuals are drawn to the church and become preists.
    The bible is vague about alot of things but it ia very VERY clear on homosexuality.
    Why be drawn to something which does not accept your way of life ?
    Stop ttying to change the church. If you do not like the teachings of the church then its not the right church for you.
    We should not force a liberal agenda on everything.

  2. Andrew says:

    These bachelors really know a lot about it, don’t they?

    • Matt says:

      The Bible makes mention of homosexuality remarkably few times in its 66 (or 73) books. And in terms of those very few places where it is condemned, I wonder if you would hold to the other culturally-conditioned Mosaic Law prohibitions and punishments as you would those on homosexuality. Would you stone your child in the middle of your town, for instance, for disobeying you, as the Mosaic Law called for?

  3. Paul says:

    No I wouldn’t. I most certainly would not do any of the things ‘Lot’ did either. Or Soddom or Gomora. When did this become about me?  im quite fond of eating lobster too. (Also a sin)
    Im not trying to be a catholic or live a sin free life so i may enter heaven.
    If you would quarel with god or the bible over what constitutes a sin. Then how can you repent of those sins at the end of days ?you cant cherry pick the bible. Far as I can see you either follow it of you don’t.

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