Children ‘should be taught about LGBT issues’

Relationships|April 18th 2017

Children of all ages should be taught about issues involving the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, teachers have said.

The National Union of Teachers’ (NUT) annual conference was held in Cardiff over the Easter weekend. At this event, the organisation called for lawmakers to include these issues in the Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) classes the government plans to make compulsory in secondary schools and suggested such lessons should be taught to younger children as well.

NUT General Secretary Kevin Courtney said that “SRE should be statutory at all key stages because of the benefits for children and young people”. He said the government should introduce “high quality and age-appropriate SRE across all key stages which fits the complexity of young people’s lives today”.

Not only should these classes be taught to children of all ages, they must be “inclusive” so that LGBT youngsters “are told explicitly in the law that their lives are important too” the NUT demanded.

Under the current law, the only secondary schools required to teach anything relating to sex are those run by councils and those lessons are exclusively within the context of biology. Free schools and academies make up the majority of institutions in the country and they have no such legal obligation.

Courtney said this needed to change because lessons about relationships which include LGBT issues should be “recognised as an essential part of the school curriculum”.

He added:

“Surely it is not beyond the wit of Government to understand and accept the importance of giving our children access to well-balanced, age-appropriate information on matters of SRE, including sexuality.”

Earlier this year, a survey of 1,000 British children found that almost three quarters of them wanted lessons on relationships. The poll was conducted as part of a campaign by children’s charity Barnardo’s. The group wanted to push the government for such classes to be introduced into the national curriculum in order to “give all children the knowledge that will help keep them safe”.


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  1. spinner says:

    Schools need to focus on teaching
    1. English
    2. Maths
    3. Science
    With the number of particularly working class white boys leaving school with zero qualifications and huge numbers not even able to read and write teachers really need to get their priorities right and Lesbian and Gay issues although a worthy subject frankly are just not marketable or useful skills compared to being able to read and write.

  2. Nemo Momenti says:

    Sure, LGBT lives matter, but they are a minority and so do the rest! DON’T confuse straight children by making them wonder whether they are gay or not. This sort of thing is suitable for young adults, not pre-pubescent children, who should be left to enjoy childhood without having to think about sexuality.

  3. drmanhattan62 says:

    There will always be a minority of people who want to push the boundaries of what society see as the Norm.
    this issue is without doubt well outside the Norm as set by Natures default on reproduction and evolution of a species.
    Why do we never hear of any lab conducting tests on gay people to determine if they have a faulty Gene or a Hormone imbalance etc.
    it would seem this is not happening which may be for fear of being attacked and labelled as Homophobic.
    strange state of affairs.

  4. Brian says:

    “Issues”? I thought there was now legal parity with anti-discrimination legislation and same sex marriage. What “issues” remain, the only thing that remains is a now addressed sense of injustice that some in the LBGT community keep banging on about like a broken record, it’s lost appeal now with overcooking such left wing nonsense because they have nothing else to say. It’s like gender equality and feminists who keeps banging on about the disparity (only they notice such disparity). I find it irritating and hard to find inequality in a country where the most male dominated profession in the world (politics) is headed by a woman (Tetesa May) Other low profile dead end unfufilling occupations currently ocupied by women to bolster this sense of injustice are: Head of State HM QE 2, Home Secretary Amber Rudd, the new inbound Met Police commissioner, deputy President of the supreme court LJ Hale and little Krankie herself Scotland’s very own First Minister Nicola Sturgeon…because the UK is just full of non white men with untapped potential kept under the boot of oppressive straight white middle aged men! Change the record and pick a topic worth engaging in, it stopped being interesting when Margaret Thatcher became PM and women went aboard RN ships as ships company! I ‘m sick of leftie discrimination claptrap as is everyone else – which is why Labour are going to get pummelled june 8th 2017, there are more pressing issues that have gone unaddressed like illiteracy, innumeracy and a workforce skills shortage.

  5. JamesB says:

    Just wanted to stick up for the gays. If they want to mince around that’s ok by me. Live and let live in my mind. Alan Turing saved this country in the war, Oscar Wilde, Leondardo Davinci, Michaelangelo, Alexander the great, Hadrian, etc. No ones perfect.

    Diversity and inclusivity is the way to a happier and brighter future getting better participation and society. Plurality and secularism etc.

    I am not a big believer in the Darwinist theories of survival of the fittest. Teamwork. Live and let live. They’ve been doing this sort of thing unofficially at Eton for years and seems to give them confidence.

  6. Brian says:

    No one is “gay bashing” JamesB. I think Alan Turing is one of this country’s greatest contributor to civilisation. I rank him along Isaac Newton, Ada Lovelace AND Charles Darwin and Ghandi and Albert Einstein as equals that’s the point, there is no real deep seated discrimination. It’s now more akin to challenging perceptions than “find a tree for that rope!” levels of discrimination. That is not to say it doesn’t happen and there are lawful and workplace processes to deal with it, but at school for kiddies that haven’t even learnt to tie up their shoelaces yet – come on! That’s bordering on brain washing – lets not ram it down their throats, they will pick up the etiquette naturally by example of their parents than making them choke in LGBT agenda’s.

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