Testosterone levels fall after marriage

Marriage|April 22nd 2017

Testosterone levels fall sharply in men after they marry, Danish researchers have claimed.

A team at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen examined data relating to 1113 Danish men aged between 30 and 60 over a ten year period. It had been gathered as part of a long-term health study. Levels of testosterone and related reproductive hormones were compared with changes in the men’s lifestyles and marital status.

Levels of the male hormone underwent an an accelerated age-related decline” in those men who married during the study period. By contrast, testosterone levels in men who divorced experienced an “attenuated [weakened or reduced] age-related decline”.

Study co-author Anna-Maria Andersson said:

“Testosterone plays a role in everything that defines a man. It’s quite amusing and it’s a good picture of how much our hormones are impacted by how we live. The body acclimatises to the situation we find ourselves in.”

The team suggested that increased levels of the social bonding hormone oxytocin following marriage and the birth of children could account for the fall in testosterone.

Andersson explained:

“It is of course necessary for the man to defend his wife and children, so you still need testosterone. But it is also necessary to modify your behaviour towards those you need to protect, and it’s important to relate to your family and create social bonds.”

Exposure to female pheromones (biological chemicals that affect behaviour) may also play a role in reducing testosterone levels.

The study was published in the academic journal Psychoneuroendocrinology. Read an abstract (summary) here.

Photo by News Oresund via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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  1. Nemo Momenti says:

    “Exposure to femail pheromones” – I wonder which newspaper YOU read then? 😉

  2. Dr Grumpy says:

    Very interesting! It seems that while my testosterone levels were falling my (ex-)wife’s were rising! She came out as a lesbian during our divorce! Shame she didn’t do this before we had 3 kids!

    • Brian says:

      Take it she got awarded your balls in the ancillary relief? Not surprisingly, getting the kitchen sink isn’t enough nowadays.

  3. Brian says:

    Yup, that’ll be why I’m on nebido. Only took 15 years of anti depressants and 25 misdiagnosis by doctors to get on it. Read The Testosterone Revolution by Malcolm Curruthers (Harley St. Centre for men’s health). Doctors couldn’t do enough once I had low T and a lousy FAI. That is when they kept refusing a blood test for the FAI and my Free Androgen Index was lousy and they probably got jittery about litigation (any ambulance chasers out there?) – because the GP training doesn’t even look androgen disorders. Read the book, says what this research does. Book was written years ago – this is re-inventing the wheel because men’s issues are drowned out by the feminists.

  4. Brian says:

    I say 25 doctors because in the last 12 years of military service that was the approximate numbers if doctors in 4 postings with locums etc (mis)managing health care by dishing out seroxat, citalopram and sertraline like smarties instead of interpreting blood tests correctly instead of looking at limits like a go no go gauge. Doctors…the other useless bunch of “professionals” (middle class educated t**ts more like).

  5. JamesB says:

    Perhaps its because you get your balls cut off with a blunt knife with marriage and that’s where man’s testosterone comes from.

  6. JamesB says:

    Correction, you get one removed at marriage and the other at divorce by the government who don’t know how to organise men so seek to make them women. Witnessed by falling sperm count and increasing oestrogen count in men continuing over last few years and ongoing, if you look it up it is true. Drs and scientists dont know what to do about it or autism on increase also. Perhaps too much oestrogen in the plastic packaging may be another explanation, or too much radiation from computer devices. My theory is much more devisive though and with Game of Thrones it seems people like to make a drama out of a crisis more these days.

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