Choice of degree influences chances of marriage

Marriage|May 7th 2017

Your chances of marriage by the age of 30 are influenced by your choice of university degree according to US research.

Careers website Zippia analysed census data, matching marital status with degree subjects (usually referred to ‘college majors’ in the United States). The research team allowed for the influence of income and gender on the numbers.

The resulting statistics show clear variatons in the rate of marriage between young people who had studied different topics.

Students of the following three majors were most likely to be married by 30:

*Teachers, who had an 80 per cent chance.

*’Animal science’ professionals (i.e. the care of farm animals) – 79.07 per cent likely.

*Microbiologists – 78.79 per cent likely.

By contrast, current former students of the following topics were the least likely to have tied the knot by their 30th birthdays:

*Geography – just 32.43 per cent likely.

*Social sciences – only 35.9 per cent likely.

*Pharmaceutical sciences – 40.82 per cent likley.

David Luther of Zippia also noted that women were signficantly more likely than men to be married by the age of 30. When those college majors most linked to marriage by that age were broken down by gender, women accounted for nine of the top  ten.

Income is also strongly linked to your chances of walking up the aisle. David Luther explained:

“Simply put, for every dollar you make you’re that more likely to be married.”

Professions with higher rates of unemployment – such as actors and those who work in the arts –have lower rates of marriage in their 20s, as well as those pursuiing postgraduate degrees.

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