Estranged husband of killer ‘can’t afford to divorce her’

Divorce|May 10th 2017

The estranged husband of a woman jailed earlier this year for a brutal murder has complained that he cannot afford to divorce her.

Alison Moss, 46, was jailed for life alongside her partner, 49 year-old David Webster, in February after they were found guilty of the “savage and sustained” murder of local man Craig Wild during a neighbourhood dispute at her home in Sheffield. Moss, found guilty by a jury, was told she must serve a minimum of 29 years behind bars, the BBC reports. Webster, meanwhile, pled guilty and was given a minimum 24 year sentence.

According to a report in the Daily Mirror, Moss is still legally married to Adrian Cumberbatch, 51, although he has not seen her since an incident in 2011 when she threatened him with a knife.

The pair originally met on a date website, he told the paper. He moved into her home on a “rough estate” in Sheffield, and when she later proposed he felt obliged to accept, despite what he claims were growing doubts about the relationship, because he didn’t want to have to move home.

They tied the knot in May 2010. The 51 year-old spent the night in a railways station to avoid her after a fight at the wedding reception.

Unsurprisingly, the marriage proved to be an abrasive one – he says she racially abused him, made threats and was physically violent. She reportedly also had a drinking problem.

He remembers:

“I’m a 6ft 6’ black man but she gave me plenty of busted lips and black eyes.”

Nevertheless, she managed to persuade him to return on several occasions. But the reprieve was temporary. At the end of the following year, Mr Cumberbatch says, he had finally left for good when she threatened him with a knife. He pushed her out of the way and left, he insists. That prompted her to call the Police and he was arrested and eventually convicted of assault The Mirror reports.

Years later, Mr Cumberbatch says he felt “lucky to be alive” when he heard she had gone on trial for murder.

Now apparently a housebound recluse, the former satellite TV salesman says Moss failed to acknowledge a letter regarding divorce proceedings in 2012 and he now cannot afford to pay the £550 fee charged by the divorce courts.

But, he insists, he is still:

“…desperate to cut all ties. I don’t want to be associated with her but as it stands, she’s still my wife. I don’t plan to get married again but I just don’t want to have to say to people that my wife is a vicious murderer serving 29 years in jail for this horrific crime.”

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  1. Brian says:

    Male victim of DV convicted…yup…sounds about right! Why not ask his spouse to divorce him, she’ll get legal aid on grounds of DV. Good headline that…”Murderer gets legal aid for divorce on grounds of DV”…some easy money for a few forms for any parasitic lawyers out there!?

  2. Brian says:

    I’ll wager no lawyer will do this pro bono either because they know the rabbit boiling sociopath narcissist will just drag it out for an eternity and sap the life out of the lawyer and his/her business!

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