Divorce settlement ‘could be Britain’s biggest ever’

Divorce|May 11th 2017

The wife of a wealthy energy trader has secured a divorce settlement which may be the biggest ever awarded in the UK.

The unnamed 44 year-old woman has received no less than £453 milliion, which amounts to 41.5 per cent of her husband’s considerable fortune. Now 61, his wealth was accumulated in the famously lucrative Russian energy market noted Mr Justice Haddon-Cave.

The estranged wife had insisted during the proceedings that her husband was worth more than £1 billion and that she had made an equal contribution to the couple’s lifestyle during their lengthy marriage.

They had originally met in Moscow in 1989 while she was studying in the Russian capital. They went on marry in 1993 and had two children. The family emigrated to the UK, settling in Surrey before their eventual split. The husband has still has indefinite leave to stay in England while the wife has become a full British citizen.

The husband initially made a ‘special contribution’ argument – meaning that he claimed his contribution to the couple’s assets had been so signficant that he should receive more than half the wealth.

But not long before the hearing, he reportedly changed his mind and decided he would no longer contest the wife’s financial claims. But he gave the court no specific reason for doing so.

Neither party was present in court for the hearing.

The judgement has not yet been published.

Photo of Red Square in Moscow, Russia by Dom McIntyre via Flickr

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  1. Paul says:

    It just saddens me to think one couple can command such a fortune when so many people live in abject poverty. Families must go to food banks. Young people cannot afford homes. It is truly obscene. At that level of wealth im not sure it matters how you calve it up. I’m sure they will be more conserned with deviding the property and custody of the family pets.

  2. Brian says:

    What saddens me is that ordinary folk have no idea what to expect from justice when only offensively wealthy cases like this one gets publicised.

  3. spinner says:

    If the money was made during the marriage and wasn’t bought into the marriage by one party then I think it’s fair to split it equally as marriage should be a partnership. The issue I have is splitting money from before or after the marriage where men who divorced twenty or thirty years ago but didn’t get a financial resolution often because they didn’t have any cash at the time are then being pursued for money because the wife hasn’t been able to make anything from her life.

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