‘Tinder for pregnancy’ app launched

Children|Family Law|May 13th 2017

A new app has launched in the UK this week which aims to be Tinder for people who want a baby.

Just A Baby was created by Australians Paul Ryan and Gerard Edwards to help people find sperm donors, surrogates or even partners. Users will be able to fill out a “biological profile” which will detail what they are seeking or what they can provide for others.

Similar to Tinder, this app relies on a smartphone’s GPS system to find matches from the user’s local area but it will also allow more wide-reaching searches.

Speaking to NBC, co-creator Ryan said he was inspired to make the app after noticing “so much anxiety among [his] friends” when they thought about the difficulties associated with having children. The app was his attempt to “rid the stigma around trying alternative approaches”.

Unlike dating apps and websites, Just A Baby users do not provide details about body type or race. The decision to leave this out of profiles was “to get away from that catalogue feeling you get at a sperm bank” Ryan explained. This approach was “warmer, more human” he insisted, but he did add that people were free to request that kind of information if they felt it was vital.

The app, which is available on iPhones and Android devices, was officially launched in the UK and the United States on Monday after a soft launch in Sydney a few months ago. Ryan claims the app has already acquired between 3,000 and 4,000 users who have been “matching up and sharing great stories about starting families”.

He told NBC that users should make sure that any agreements should go through all the necessary legal and medical channels before embarking on a life-changing decision.

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  1. Paul says:

    How awful. Another attack on ‘father hood’ fathers no longer nessisary. Are these people still entitled all the benfits and support natural mothers receive ? Including a free council house. These fathers are still eligable for paying child maintainance. If one of these women hits a rough patch 10 years down the line then puts in a claim for child support these men would have a ten year back payment to content with. Do these men know the risks involved ? Why the goverment can’t give better support to a normal family situation I have no idea. These deconstructed families are not a good thing at all.

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