London: UK’s ‘worst city’ for raising a family

Family|May 16th 2017

London is the worst city in the UK to raise a family in, according to new research.

The online study ranked 35 major British cities based on a number of criteria which affect day-today family life. These included average salaries, house prices, the quality of local schools, access to parks, and how common burglary is in the area.

London ranked last primarily due to its high house prices and crime rate. The average London property costs £483,803 and for every 100 home insurance quotes from the capital, 24 were burglary claims.

Newry and Armagh in Northern Ireland were also placed very low on the list, as were Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Glasgow, Kingston upon Hull, Brighton and Hove, and Birmingham.

By contrast, Newcastle was ranked the best city for families with an average house price of £161,255 and just ten burglary claims per 100 insurance quotes. The city also came top for the number of schools rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. The education inspectorate gave 28 Newcastle schools this high mark.

Derby came second overall, with ten outstanding schools and an average house price of just £148,437. The other cities which made up the top ten were Wolverhampton, Southampton, Bath, Nottingham, Coventry, York, Oxford and Stoke-On-Trent.

The research was done by price comparison site MoneySupermarket. Information was gathered from official government statistics, think tanks and other online sources. A spokesperson said they had wanted “to guide parents – or soon to be parents – looking to futureproof their next move”.

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  1. Paul says:

    Good. Glad to see neglecting the rest of the country in favour of your european eutopia has not worked out for ya. 🙂 [smug mode] the narsistic money chasing hell hole is an insult to the UK. Good honest people built the city up from the ruines of the blitz so our MPs could start gettos of immigrants. Sell off property at massively inflated prices to russian oligarcs and tycoons who do nothing with them. An everyday people who clean the streets or sell grocceries can’t afford the roof over their head. You reap what you sowe London.
    In the aftermath of Brexit there were wounded cries of people in London for a time they were saying London should seperate from the UK and stay part of the EU.
    An the voices up North said. Great yeh. Go ahead. Thats a great idea please don’t come back exept via customs. Take the BBC bias with you, the coven of Europhile MP’s and possibly the royals too an piss off to Europe.
    And people started to see the true value of brexit. 😉
    (*Edited by the moderators)

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