Voluntary child support statistics released

Family Law|May 18th 2017

Around 16,900 children now financially benefit from voluntary child maintenance arrangements between their parents, the government has announced.

Officially known as ‘family based arrangements’, voluntary child support agreements contrast with situations in which the Child Maintenance Service intervenes and enforces payment from the non-resident parent, who is usually the father.

The Child Maintenance Service is the successor organisation to the Child Support Agency.

The quoted figure relates to the period up to and including December last year.The families of all the children had first made contact with government advice service Child Maintenance Options in the preceding months.

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  1. Paul says:

    How many have not been given the oppertunity to pay voluntarily ? – They have never given me a chance. They just seem to want to jump straight to enforcement. Do we have any statistics on how many men have comitted suicide yet since the new system has been in place ? – How many have been forced to quit their job ? How many are left in poverty ? How many live below the accepted minimum living standard ? – How many of those fathers need to use food banks ? – How many of those are paying for their children but been actively stopped from seeing them ?
    Ahh thats right. No body cares. Nobody bothered to collect those statistics. It does not matter.This site is becoming very clearly anti-men in its presentation. Think you are just actively baiting men who have had major issues with this criminal organisation now.

    • Cameron Paterson says:

      Good morning Paul – we were merely reporting government statistics. I don’t see how that makes this site ‘anti-men’

      • Paul says:

        Morning Cameron. Your very selective in your articles. It is very pro CMS. Isn’t CMS fantastic. We have quite clearly explained why CMS is not fantastic in a number of threads. Your Pro-improving ways of punishing nonPayers when we have already explained the CMS habitually abuse these powers causing massive harm. I’ve not seen any articles disgusing or addressing concerns lots of us have raised ? Matters of male suicide ect. Catostrophic errors the CMS make. The site appears to be 100% oppositional and supportive of the status quo. Aka anti-men. NRP if you like.

  2. Jo Archer says:

    And how many children are affected by the £4bn arrears that are currently owed?

    • Stitchedup says:

      Children are affected by divorce and separation whether you like it or not Joe. Throwing money at them isn’t going to change the fact they are now from a broken family. Driving the father into poverty, the depths of depression and possible suicide isn’t going to make things better for them either.

    • Paul says:

      My mother managed just fine Jo. I did not miss a penny. Only if women feel they are ‘entitled’ to it does it become a problem. However if my dad commited suicide or was forced into poverty and squaller. That would have effected me a great deal.
      My expartner has a partner in full time work. Naturally my ex has not worked a day since my Son was born. But she feels like she is ‘entitled’ to the income of two working men and state benefit.
      I on the other hand will have 40% of my income reduced by CMS 17.5% reduced by the tax man. Then I will try to pay my rent. Then i will have to go to a food bank.
      Which is nice.
      I’m not arguing paying for my children should not be done.
      Im simply pointing out that it can’t be done.

  3. JamesB says:

    The idea is wrong in principle. The fault in the system is the broad brush approach. If man does a runner, he is rightly chased for child maintenance. If he does nothing wrong, but the mother decides she doesn’t like the look of him, he is still chased for child maintenance. This is the fault in the system, labelling men as bad and no good just for being fathers and I resent that very strongly.

    The idea I have for this is that child maintenance should only be payable upon divorce, and that pre nups should be legalised. That way you dont have the men on the streets paying the women to leave them and live in better accommodation than themselves in the name of the children and feminism, which is the sick setup we currently have.

    The legal term is informed consent and I believe it is undermining the government that they do not have it in these circumstances which is why they appear to be, and rightly so destroying the CSA / CMEC / CMS / CMOptions. The matter belongs before a Judge. You want money for leaving your partner? Tell it to the Judge and see what he or she thinks. Personally I think the matter has been extremely detrimental to society, stopping women from needing men and driving them apart.

    Its like a Seventh Day Adventist told me about his community. He said they now lived in rental accommodation mainly, and the principal reason for that was because families bought houses together the women were dumping the men and keeping the houses and was getting worse and worse so they found that by renting they stayed together more. Its a predominantly black church but I believe the point is valid and valid with regards to the CSA / CMEC / CMS / CMOptions which should be abolished, if it is not in the process of being already.

    Nudge theory has had its day, when the gutters are full of men with pride it is time for more natural law.

  4. JamesB says:

    Not just nudge theory, but coercion, disenfranchisement, and criminalisation of otherwise decent law abiding people. It is time for something else. Indeed perhaps reading between the lines (I have two daughters and wonder about such things) the message to women (quite rightly) is don’t expect anything from the CSA / CMEC / CMS / CMOptions.

  5. JamesB says:

    Its not the place of the government to intervene in family disputes between parents, its the place of the family, or society or the religion or the courts, not a government agency.

  6. Paul says:

    Exploitation, extortion and slavery. Have always been the business of the state.
    You think slavery was outlawed ?
    They just changed the rules of the game. Swapped chains for contracts and paper. Swapped the bull whips for debt, rent and bills.
    CSA is just a step back to times where we had no rights at all. A reminder how little control we really have.

  7. Yvie says:

    Too many women think that getting their child maintenance to the last penny what is most important following divorce. It is important that fathers do their share in supporting their children. However, both the CSA and CMS have a lot more work to do in ensuring that the percentages they are are affordable to the paying parent. It is not rocket science that when a marriage breaks down there are two sets of bills to pay. Mother with the children get plenty of support and financial help following divorce but dads are told how much they have to pay irrespective of whether they can afford it and irrespective of whatever else they do for their children. Regarding uncollected arrears, do they include figures for false arrears, arrears when the paying parent is deceased, and arrears accumulated when paying parents are out of work but the CSA still calculates that they ‘owe the other parent’.

  8. JamesB says:

    Expecting large ongoing payments for years on top of housing and capital payments from ex who is left with nothing but a maintenance obligation and little chance of rebuilding his life while another man brings up the children he does not see because you chucked him out because he didn’t measure up to your high expectations, as is the dodgy feminist law, is expecting too much. That entitlement I find sick.

  9. JamesB says:

    The other entitlement. Where woman says she is on pill and isn’t then to claim maintenance for 20 years. I also find sick. So much about this broad brush law and entitlement is wrong. Like paying where the woman you are with who has children from another relationship who’s ex does not pay yet you do. Government should have kept out and left it alone or to the court, preferably left to court only for divorce. Shoving the bill to the man has proved politically destablising and destabilising for society as a whole. Like the dodgy Tory idea released today for taxing people for getting ill. Well dodgy that.

    • JamesB says:

      Like paying where the woman you are with who has children from another relationship who’s ex does not pay yet you do for her children and your children elsewhere and your children with her.

      The sentence read above. That is also law and is also wrong.

  10. JamesB says:

    Quite often men move out of the country or out of work for instance when the claim for maintenance arrives.

    On balance I think let them off and have them pay tax and involved in society instead.The alternative policy of a man tax (CSA / CMEC / CMS / CMOptions) is unfair and extremely destructive in practice.

  11. Jim says:

    The problem is not the CMS per se, but the rules they are forced to work with, rules introduced by Government who live in cloud cuckoo land.

    If you have children, and you split with your partner then you morally must assist in the support of your children, if you feel this is not right then you should either keep it in your pants, use a condom or have a vasectomy before you engage in sex with a female.

    However, the rules that the CMS are made to implement are retarded, stupid, unfair and crippling to many men, they actually put all the power in the hands of the woman.

    I had a voluntary agreement with my ex, I was giving her cash, but then swapped to a standing order, but as I was going through a torrid time the payments were not as regular as I would like, although I often paid her money and left myself without food for days or even a couple of weeks at a time. I could have signed on and claimed benefits, but that is not me. I was doing local agency work on minimum wage for about 6 months whilst I sorted myself out and looked for permanent work.

    Because she is one of these women who would have been burnt at the stake about 400 years ago, the type that gives woman a bad name, she contacted the CMS and said that I was not paying her anything, well that was disproved. However, a month after they contacted me they still have yet to tell me what to pay, and in fact told me NOT to make any payments until they make an assessment. Needless to say I am ignoring this guidance because my children still need support and making voluntary payments, via the bank clearing system for trace ability.

    The manner in which the CMS works out payments is all wrong. They calculate on GROSS income, not NET income, and they also only take into account if you have other children under the age of 16 living in your new home. They completely fail to take into account reasonable living costs, mandatory costs, such as food, energy, transport costs for work etc etc. This is not to say that someone should be able to show they cannot afford to support their kids, but it should take into account personal circumstances.

    It was mentioned by a previous contributor about suicide rates. Here is a quote from “Men’s Divorce”

    “There are several possible reasons as to why divorced male suicide rates are so high. Sociology professors at the University of California and their research suggest that many stem from the separation between father and child. In cases involving custody dispute, the courts are often ready to grant custody to the mother, due to an assumption that the bond between mother and child is stronger than that of a father and child. In the minds of those fathers, they’ve not only lost their marriage, but also their children and any assets or property that was divided during the proceedings.”

    Statistically men separated from their children are twice as likely to take their own life as any other groups. Suicide rates for females remain the same and are about 1/5th that of men.

    • Stitchedup says:

      Unfortunately Jim, Politicians, judges, lawyers and women’s groups really couldn’t give a shit about male suicide rates and are in complete denial with regard to what has caused this horrific male suicide rate; they really do have blood on their hands. Perhaps a few public self-immolations or hunger strikes might make them take notice but the only thing that will really work is to hit the country in the pocket… Something like a national men’s strike… After money means more than men’s lives.

    • JamesB says:

      Re Because she is one of these women who would have been burnt at the stake about 400 years ago, the type that gives woman a bad name

      Seems you are talking about my ex.

      Where they might have done this in the past, now they throw money at them.

      re the point about not supporting my children, happy to pay per view. Perhaps the question is at what point do your children not become your children anymore? Perhaps sometime after they swallow the woman’s lies and don’t want to see you and see the sun shining out of the new man’s arse. Or something like that which is a bit more thought through than your vasectomy condom point. I am talking generally and perhaps not about myself here. I do not state my situation or how much I have or will pay here.

    • JamesB says:

      p.s. Yes, your comment did bug me a little as was a dig at me without knowing my situation and was just another quick and easy shot about deadbeat dads and its those kind of pointless wrong comments and generalisations that have got us in the bad situation with men and women living separately where they should not be that we are unfortunately now in, need to go for now, regards to all.

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