Family challenges 101 year-old father’s marriage

Marriage|May 25th 2017

Three Portuguese siblings have legally challenged their 101 year-old father’s marriage to a 52 year-old.

The couple’s marriage was motivated by the woman’s designs on the elderly man’s €2 million (£1.7 million) estate his children have claimed. The three have officially objected to the marriage on the grounds of their father’s alleged “incapacity”. They believe he is not able to make such decisions as a result of his advanced age and poor health.

The woman had been a maid in the father’s household for 30 years. She was hired by the man’s wife who died two years later. When his health began to decline he moved into her house and “that is when she started to take over everything” one of the man’s sons told Portuguese media.

If his father had wanted to get married “he would have done it when he was capable” the son insisted. Since the marriage on 4 May, “more than €319,000 [£275,000] has gone missing from one account and more than €200,000 [£173,000] from another” he alleged.

Late last year, the siblings made two criminal complaints against the woman for abuse of trust. Soon afterwards, they were looking into the possibility of appointing someone to manage their father’s affairs. As part of this process, a psychological assessment was being carried out. It was during this that the man’s new marriage was uncovered, taking his children completely by surprise.

The couple had reportedly tried to marry at a register office 80km (50 miles) away from home but officials there refused to go ahead with it. After this setback, the former maid and the elderly man travelled 150km (93 miles) to get married at another office.

A fourth sibling has declined to be part of this legal challenge and has refused to publicly comment on the situation. Meanwhile media outlets in Portugal have attempted to get a comment from the wife, but have so far been unsuccessful. Her lawyer has simply claimed the woman has “no questions to answer”.

Photo by Gerry Labrijn via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hmm leave his wealth to gready kids or to a gready maid who wants to be your wife. The dark side of having wealth. Your reaching the end of the road and people are already planning how to carve your assets up. How awful capitalism is.
    Thousands of pounds going missing sounds like a normal marriage to me.
    I can see why loads of people leave their assets to pet charitys now.
    Hes 101. Let the man do what he wants.

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