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Bullying mother ‘intimidated’ doctors

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A “lively” and “zany” teenage boy has been taken into care after his parents fabricated medical symptoms and subjected him to years of unnecessary medical treatment.

The 15 year-old boy who has been made the subject of an interim care order. ‘H’ has spent significant periods of his life in hospital receiving various kinds of treatment and been “heavily medicated on opiates” at times.

In April last year, his mother was arrested for allegedly tampering with his medical equipment and his father was later arrested on suspicion of doing the same thing on a separate occasion.  Both were later released without charge but H was removed from their care. He currently lives in a residential unit under the control of Westminster City Council.

Mr Justice Hayden found that both parents had:

“…misreported and exaggerated H’s medical symptoms.”

By doing so they had caused him emotional harm by leading him to believe he was seriously ill, and she had also exposed him to the risk of physical harm, thanks to various unnecessary medical procedures. The mother had sent “extremely alarming emails” to professionals.

The Judge was unequivocal in his declaration that:

“The parents’ actions led to prolonged stays in hospital, the consequence of which was that H has been robbed of much of his childhood and teenage years.”

He found that both parents had indeed interfered with H’s medical equipment. He singled out the mother, saying her “bullying and bombastic behaviour” had been sufficient to intimidate medical professionals and undermine “their confidence in their own professional judgement.”

Read the latest ruling in the case here.

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  1. Elena says:

    What a sad story. I’m neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist but it sounds like a case of Munchausen by proxy syndrome.

  2. John Smith says:

    munchasen by proxy was discredited by the house of lords as it was no more than a modern day witch hunt. It has been replaced by fabricated illness, with allegedly tighter guidelines.

    This case may indeed be a FII case but the way it is described is as per usual sexist and descriminatory. Silence from the feminists! FII assumes, there is always an agressive, bossy dominieering mother and an allegedly passive father or a father who is “away” at work.

    This attitude is as biased as Domestic Abuse being only perpertrated by men. Whilst men may disprortionately outnumber women when it comes to Domestic Abuse, we accept women also abuse men. Surely its time to re-think the witch hunt that is fabricated illness and focus on the actual harm being done in a medical setting not on emotive language about mothers. Surely we need to re-think the fathers role. Anyone heard of co-ercive control. Can we be certain the father isnt controlling the mother and driving her to this abusive behaviour [keep calm Im not pro mother – just devils advocate]. If the mother is the abuser to the child then surely the father’s passivity is as guilty as the mother’s aggression.

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