Anti-radicalisation strategy for teens is ‘toxic’

News|June 12th 2017

The government’s key strategy to discourage the violent radicalisation of Muslim teenagers is now widely shunned and seen as “toxic” a youth worker has claimed.

Prevent was introduced in 2005 by the then Blair government following the infamous London bombings in July that year. It was designed to try and divert disaffected Muslim youths away from radicalising influences via sport, education, community outreach and employment opportunities.

Muhbeen Hussain is founder of the organisation British Muslim Youth. Speaking to Children & Young People Now, he said Prevent was now snubbed by the young people with whom he works because they believe it implies a link between mainstream Islam and extremism. Consequently, he explained, his organisation also avoids the scheme.

“One of the reasons we haven’t been involved is that young British Muslims find it very toxic and for that reason we cannot take funding and be part of it. The majority of young British Muslims think that. Part of that is through the implementation where religion is linked with extremism.”

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  1. spinner says:

    It maybe toxic but more importantly it also clearly doesn’t work. Until we stop pussy footing around the issue that Islam doesn’t just imply violence should be used against non Muslims it explicitly states it should be used, we are not going to get anywhere in dealing with this problem, a problem created by both political parties over the last 20-30 years by allowing Muslim immigration to the UK. We currently have a population of around 5% Muslims in the UK and for a current example of what happens when that number goes over 50% look at Egypt and how the Christians are faring there and there are many historical examples.

  2. Paul says:

    There is a radicalised islamic person living next door to you. Police say hes been on a course and they think hes got better. Would that put your mind at rest ??? – im not racist at all. However there is only one answer to this problem. 3000 Radicalised Muslim identified and placed on the watch list are traitors and need removing from the country or locking up. Knowing the police are not messing about is good for us and our native islamics who are non militant. By all accounts these people are caught i the crossfire and will get painted with the same brush. Its just common sense.

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