Mother jailed for faking paternity test

Family|June 13th 2017

A mother from Merseyside has been jailed for faking a paternity test.

Danielle Morris, from Seaforth, five miles north of Liverpool , received a one year jail sentence at Liverpool Crown Court this week. The 29 year-old had presented fraudulent DNA test results to a man with whom she had a brief relationship in 2013.

The alleged father was a singer and “Michael Buble impersonator” the BBC reports. Morris at first told him she was pregnant but that he was not the father. Some time later, she contacted him again to say that the man she had believed was her daughter’s father was not but insinuated that the singer was. He paid for a paternity test but Sommers instead presented him with invented results.

Thanks to the deception, her former boyfriend began to pay child maintenance, had the baby’s name tattooed on his arm, and even began looking after her for a few days a week, setting aside a bedroom in his home.

The singer discovered the truth when he contacted the DNA company and asked for more information on the circumstances, only to be told that he had never been tested. When a subsequent test revealed that he was not in fact the little girl’s father, the singer was “devastated”.

Morris pleaded guilty to fraud, saying she had wanted to provide her daughter with a “father figure”.

After the sentence was delivered the would-have-been father insisted the little girl was the real victim, but also revealed his continuing distress.

“As long as live I will worry for the child and miss her immeasurably.”

Photo of Seaforth and neighbouring Crosby, Merseyside from the air by Phillip Capper under a Creative Commons licence

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  1. Andy says:

    Here is the question big Sponging Springer.second the father paid Child Maintenance..
    Easy target by the CMS..Trouble is what he has paid he won’t get back..All of a sudden they are not responsible for payments made in error funny that because you under pay that want to know why..
    Bloody incompetent no blame CMS…
    This agency is a joke and clear to see..So,on the say so of the sponging fibbing only have to pay the CMS £20 and what ever you tell them it must be correct.
    Typical idiots..

  2. Paul says:

    This says everything about why this domestic violence agenda is wrong on so many levels. You simply can’t beleive what women are saying without scrutanising it for truth. How many men have been the victim of malicious alegations ?
    The CMS absolutely should be responsible for refunding money taken fraudulantly. Anything else is simply theft.
    There is another victim here. Their is a father who has no idea he has he has a child. The mother has harmed her daughter by miss leading her to think a stranger is her father. That is ear child abuse. What more evidence is needed to show that listening to the father is sometimes the best way to stop a child from been harmed. You need to protect children from women who make some pretty horrendous decissions. ‘I wanted to provide for her and give her a father figure.’ Thats basicly saying she was willfully intending to steal money off this man by deception. The correct place for this woman is in jail. She should have given the real father a oppertunity to be a father figure. This highlights the real problem. You can’t jail her because you would be punishing the child more than the mother. Thats the real problem courts face. How do mothers face justice without effecting their children.This also clearly demonstrates treating all fathers as feckless chancers is just wrong. This man has stood upto his responsabilities without question and it has unquestionable harmed him. This situation shows clearly why our whole family law system is wrong and whoafully misguided.

  3. Paul says:

    My point really is that these women making false claims and accusations are incredibly wide spread. Its neither widely accepted or understood. Women suffer a great loss of hormones during pregnancy and without doubt I beleive in alot of cases their decission making skills are compromised. I think what we commonly perceive as maturnal or nuturing instincts can be acted upon in highly irrational ways. I beleive this area needs more study and the results of these studies needs to be applied or related to the family law decission making proccess.

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