Women still do majority of the housework

Family|June 17th 2017

Women still do the majority of the housework, according to newly published data.

This is true despite the ever-increasing number of women who work full-time and those who are the breadwinners for their household. The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) analysed data from the2016 Census and found that, on average, women do around 14 hours of chores per week while men do less than five.

In fact, the Institute also found that women still do a significant amount of domestic work around the house in families with a stay-at-home father.

AIFS Senior Research Fellow Dr Jennifer Baxter said their findings have revealed that “stay-at-home-dad families were not simply the reverse ‘mirror’ image of stay-at-home-mum families, just with the gender roles reversed”.

In households where the mother is in full-time employment and the father stays at home “dads spent an average of 19 hours a week on childcare, while mothers spent 21 hours” she explained. In addition, such fathers spend 28 hours each week doing housework while mothers did 23 hours “which they managed to combine with an average 35-hour working week paid job”.

Overall, men who stay at home “do take on more responsibility for child care than fathers in other family types, [but] the average stay-at-home dad is still far from being ‘Mr Mum’” Baxter said.

When both parents work, fathers do an average of 15 hours of housework and 12 hours of childcare per week. They also do around 50 hours each week for their job. The mothers in those households do fewer hours of work for their employer at around 31 hours a week but they do more around the house, with 26 hours of chores and 23 hours of childcare. So in those households, women do an average of 80 hours work per week compared to men who do 77 in total.

Earlier this year, researchers from Georgia Southern University studied data from 5,800 adults and found that mothers lose sleep after the arrival of their children but fathers do not. Each participant was asked questions about their sleeping patterns and the only factor which kept coming up among women who did not sleep well was children.

For more information on the AIFS stay-at-home father statistics, click here.

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  1. Paul says:

    Femanist propaganda machine strikes again. Femanist study to bash men. Interesting one. In my experience when women do this house work they tend to do a less thourgh job. For example when I hoover i will lift up the chairs, beds ect but most women i know just flash around them. Also most women ive observed don’t use the changable nosiles/extentions on the hoover. They just use it as a 1950’s carpet Vac. If you want something doing regularly get a woman to do it. In my experience you want it done proparly ask a man to do it.
    I bet if you quizzed all these people again an asked who is taking the bins out. Who is mowing the lawn. Who is checking the oil in the car. Who is changing punctured tyres on your push bike. Who is doing the gardening Who is taking the lid off jam jars. Who is walking the family pets. Who is escorting rogue archnids out of the bath. Changing light bulbs. The results would be pretty much male dominated. Women are very selective in what they count as ‘domestic choirs’.
    I bet you would find more men like to cook now since the advent of TV chefs like Mr Ramsey and j Oliver have started to change opinions on it. This could simply be down to habit. Breaking the cycle of domestication which has been a large part of life in the UK for so long. Personally i think is more than this, facts are we build a co-operative relationship on strenghts and weaknesses. SEXISM is not what this situation is about at all. Its also worth mentioning that at anytime the woman could turn around and say ‘im not happy with this arrangement’ – are women not full autonimous with independant thought ? Nobody can make a woman do what she does not want to do. If she finds a relationship repressive then she should use her initiative and get out of that relationship. How much can we save women from themselves ? At what point do they have to be responsible for the situation they are in ?
    I claim femanist bullsxxt on this one.
    Is Shovanist is still a dirty word ? As a core of our population gets more hardcore femanist. Think you will find there are an equal number that rebel and become more Shovanistic. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Its also worth asking what demographic this was taken from. Its only western white people who are attacked by this femanist nonsense.
    You will find that muslim households have not changed. Gypsy house holds have not changed. Jewish house holds have not changed. Femanism and female equality has only effected ‘western white’ familys. It is SEXIST and the way it is applied is also RACIST. Western white people have to accept femanist ideals in their home but have to watch muslims carrying on as always. Claiming its ‘cultural’. How come a Yorkshireman can’t claim having a woman at home cooking his dinner is not part of his culture ? – think you will find it is.

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