Financial advisors encouraged to work in family law

Divorce|July 4th 2017

There is a pressing need for more accredited financial advisors within family law, Resolution has claimed.

Currently only 42 advisors are accredited for work with divorced and separating couples in England and Wales the legal organisation notes: that is just one for every 5,000 divorces. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of family cases have a financial element.

The report examines the role of family law financial advisor and is aimed at encouraging others to seek accreditation.

Resolution chair Nigel Shepherd explained:

“What clients want is sound guidance and trusted support. This is especially true in times of change or upheaval, and they do not come much more unsettling than a divorce or separation.”

He added:

“Advising those going through a divorce or separation is a very specialist area. There are real opportunities for those financial advisers that are able to position themselves as experts in the field.”

The report is entitled Unlock the divorce and separation market: a £500 million opportunity for financial advisors. You can read it here.

Photo by Jacob Edward via Flickr

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  1. Andrew says:

    Just what we need. Another layer of professionals to take – we are told – £500m out of the pockets of people who are already finding that divorce and separation hurts and that the same assets and incomes won’t go so far toward two households as they did toward one.

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