New court closures announced

Family Law|July 26th 2017

The government has announced the next round of courtroom closures as public sector austerity continues.

According to HM Courts and Tribunals Service, the following venues will “cease to provide a public facing service” by September: the county courts in Eastbourne, Lambeth and St Albans; the magistrates and family courts in Eastbourne and Watford; Torquay magistrates court; and the civil and family court in Llangefni, north-west Wales.

The closures form part of a rolling programme begun last year following a consultation on the future of the court system.

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  1. spinner says:

    It’s part of the digitisation of the courts system and moving the whole system online including the use of video conferencing for public hearings.

    The current system where everyone travels to a location and the judge may or may not have time to see you that day, but you still need to pay your lawyers fees is extremely inefficient and effectively broken. The wastage and costs to the consumers of this service are unacceptable.

    With an online system, participants can take part when needed and there could actually be a schedule and if all documents are held online as they are starting to be then each participant could easily have all the documents they need to hand.

    The UK courts are very backwards, this will save money but it’s not the primary goal. Once all of this information is online and video streams recorded and so on it provides a fantastic data set to train AI’s to initially replace lawyers in terms of representatives instead of having no legal representation and then as in China for the past two years, AI’s can “help” judges.

  2. spinner says:

    Anyone concerned about security or hacking of the court’s online system should probably be more concerned about the IT security at the legal companies as if I was a hacker who wanted access to undisclosed information from my opponent I would go after either them personally or second choice their lawyers, much easier and safer for the hacker.

  3. Andy says:

    So, public sector austerity, low wages,customer and moral at a all time low staff and recruitment near impossible to get and government want you to travel to your nearest court…
    Can I much are the MPs giving them selves a rise this year…Just think they don’t give a shit…

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