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Parental alienation therapists form European society

Parental alienation counsellors and therapists have formed a Europe-wide society.

The newly minted European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners was established following a meeting in Czech capital Prague attended by specialists in this understudied field.

With members from no less than 14 countries, the Association aims to draft clear standards and practices for therapists and counsellors working with families affected by the deliberate alienation of children from one of their parents. It will promote training, share the latest research and best practice guidance, and assist lawyers and mental health professionals to watch for signs and symptoms and respond in the most effective ways.

The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners was formed at the instigation of the Family Separation Clinic in London. Lead therapist Karen Woodall, chaired the Prague meeting.

Attendees agreed that while awareness of parental alienation is increasing, official responses to the issue are often still inadequate and based on a patchy understanding of the phenomenon, leaving children “at risk of serious emotional and psychological harm.”

Standard family therapy rarely proves effective said Karen Woodall. She suggested that while the cultures and legal issues faced by alienation specialists in different countries may differ, the fundamentals are essentially the same so internationally recognised treatment standards would serve a valuable function. She discussed the emotional harm suffered by children caught up in parental alienation, describing this as “psychological splitting”, but said her experiences had taught her that this can be overcome.

The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners will host a two day conference in London in August next year, aimed at delegates from the legal and mental health fields.

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  1. Paul says:

    Fantastic news. About time too. Too late for me. The utterly brain dead court would not even enter tain the idea.

  2. dr manhattan says:

    “She discussed the emotional harm suffered by children caught up in parental alienation, describing this as “psychological splitting”, but said her experiences had taught her that this can be overcome”.

    what about when the child is Alienated against the parents by a Social worker and Foster carer. will they also be looking into that problem.

  3. Seriously 007 says:

    Agree with Paul , apparently if kids have legs and can physically walk to your house and don’t what to or communicate with you even indirectly because mum states to the court that they are angry with you , then no problem, no contact at all and nothing you can do about it . This was at a FHDRA , not even able to present facts or evidence to support my application, just told to go and not come back

  4. Andy says:

    Too little to late…suppose all the combined professionals have a nic jolly and ponder of how to overcome this disease created by the PWC….
    I would suggest implement measures as law so the care is equall and no argument after your divorce the next thing is the issues caused by the PWC..

    Implement such equal care and that’s it if one party tries to cause issues then steps taken to stop other wise penalty would be imposed…
    Still 10 or more years down the line some answer will appear but trends will have changed so this will be old news…

  5. Jo Archer says:

    Just throwing this into the fray…[link removed]
    [*Moderator’s note: that ruling appears to have been removed from the bacp site, so we cannot publish it here either I’m afraid]

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