16 year divorce battle reaches the Court of Appeal

Divorce|July 29th 2017

An acrimonious 16 year divorce battle has reached the Court of Appeal.

A wealthy former British Airways captain has been engaged in litigation with his third wife over various financial issues since they divorced in 2001, making the dispute one of the longest on record.

He insists that her teenage daughter was fathered by another man before their divorce and accuses her of fabricating evidence in support of a claim for child maintenance. He wants to protect his current fourth wife from the “wreckage of the past” he said.

She denies his allegations and claims he must “accept reality”.

At the Court of Appeal she urged the judges to rule that the original terms of the divorce settlement should be honoured, describing the lengthy – and tremendously expensive –  legal wrangle as “ghastly”.

Her barrister said she had a “sincere wish that this court should dispose of this matter with as many restraining directions as possible, so it may never be resurrected again”.

The Court of Appeal Judges ‘reserved’ (postponed) their ruling until a later date.

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  1. Paul says:

    Well they guy is earning plenty in a good job no incentive for this legal team to rush the case along lol. Would not want to dispence justice before hes been proparly rinsed.
    This one sounds like it is very easily settled with a DNA test. Are you my dad or not? – I’m sure this test is absolutley essential for the child involved who also who faces the possability of growing up never 100% sure if her father is who they think. There is a child involved here that is either been austrocised by her real dad or will never know who her real dad is. Both situations are awful. The psycological trauma/identity issues to that child are far more important here than carving up bank balence. But hey im talking about the importance of truth and justice and having a father. If she is happy he os the father an there is so much money at stake here then why has she not offered a £200 DNA match?
    Restraining directions ? Since when has it been the roll if the ex missus to tell a judge what he should do ? Think shes over stepping the mark.

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