Britons stay in bad relationships for home ownership

Relationships|August 1st 2017

Almost two million British adults have stayed with a partner they are not happy with in order to remain a homeowner.

This figure came from a recent study, which also suggested that around seven per cent of UK adults will be in an unhappy relationship for this reason. Additionally, 11 per cent of Britons who do not yet own homes admitted they would make such a sacrifice to have their own house.

The survey was carried out by Optimum Research earlier this summer. They found that 1.8 million people had stayed with a partner in order to pay for the mortgage or a deposit. Of those, 44 per cent remained in their relationship for at least a year longer than they would have if there were no financial considerations. A further 15 per cent stayed for more than two years and 40 per cent said they were still with that partner now.

David Hollingworth of L&C Mortgages said these findings were “indicative of the struggle people face when buying their first home”. British people place “a great deal of importance on owning our own home” he continued, “but it isn’t right that people are sacrificing their emotional wellbeing in order to focus on financial stability”.

In September, official figures revealed that the number of unhappy relationships in the UK has doubled in the last five years. In the ONS’ annual wellbeing survey, as many as one million Britons claimed they were “extremely unhappy” with their current partner. Meanwhile the number of those who said their relationship was “perfect” dropped dramatically between 2010 and 2014.

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  1. Paul says:

    Nothing new here. The extrordinary price of homes is becoming a trap. They are a one off, once in a life time purchace. If you get it wrong an your exmissus walks away with half of it you will be stuck in the rental trap paying a landlord hundreds of pounds a week for well. Nothing much really. X home owners live in a completly differnt reality than those who rent.

  2. Andy says:

    You work hard all your life..provide a roof over your head,pay the asset off as quick as possible..large breath of the banks gain from the term or the mortgage…Then when it all goes wrong who gains from all your Gold digger ex partner..your left with nothing…typical life scenario through the bias legal system and of course your legal costs….

    And divorce is fair..the only option is you have your freedom back to do what ever you wish…
    But nothing new in this blog…

  3. Ronnie Jones says:

    Fascinating statistics and incredible to think that so many people will put a possession over their own mental wellness and personal happiness. What are people getting out of it?

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