Groom asks guests: ‘please pay for our wedding’

Marriage|September 20th 2017

Getting engaged can be an exhilarating experience. The person asking has usually been planning for a long time and has likely been getting increasingly nervous the closer they get to the big day. Hearing “yes” must be a mixture of joy and relief. For their partner, what seems like a fairly normal day can suddenly become one of the most important in their lives.

Once the euphoria has settled down, the next step is planning the wedding. Most people have a dream scenario in mind but those usually come with hefty price tags. So if you’re not rolling in money, what can you do? Many will compromise. After all, the relationship between the soon-to-be spouses is more important than aesthetics, right? There’s no point in getting into financial trouble for one day, is there?

One Rotherham man has figured out a way (paraphrasing an old cliché) to have his wedding cake and eat it too.

Ben Farina and Clare Moran are scheduled to marry next June at a luxury venue in Derbyshire. In order to fund this celebration, Farina has asked that each guest to pay £150 to attend. Parents have also been asked to pay £50 for each child they bring with them.

At a glance, this may seem quite rude or perhaps even greedy. But all is not what it seems. Talking about his idea to the national press, Farina explained that he and has partner had previously attended a friend’s wedding in Greece which cost them more than £1,700 in various expenses.

Not wanting his guests to have to shell out so much for his big day, his solution was to get each to chip in for the cost of the ceremony. For that money they would get a three-night stay at the venue, which has “a spa, an indoor swimming pool, a games room” and is quite close to a lake. He was effectively offering them “an all-inclusive holiday” with food and drinks all paid for during their stay.

But the couple are not solely relying on the contributions of their guests. They are also putting £2,000 of their own money towards the event and the groom’s parents have chipped in as well.

It appears to have been a successful gambit on Farina’s part. The couple invited 60 adults and 20 children, and every single one is coming. The deposits have even been paid.

This is certainly an interesting way of making your ideal wedding a reality but whether or not this method will catch on among the general public remains to be seen. Crowdfunding is quickly becoming a very popular mechanism for people to pay for things, so why not weddings?

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