US father creates divorce app

Divorce|October 6th 2017

A Florida father was inspired to create a mobile divorce app when his own marriage came to an end.

Speaking to local station News 6, he recalled how challenging he had found separation from his wife.

“There’s no other area of life where you can be in a civil lawsuit with another human being and you are forced to continue communicating with them.”

Nevertheless, his son and daughter inspired him to make the best of the situation.

“I was very cognizant of the fact that in every moment there was some contentious flare between me and my ex that I was really robbing my kids of my best me.”

He conceived the idea of a mobile app which would provide divorcing couples with a neutral space in which to monitor and log sensitive issues. After sounding out various coding firms, he ended up taking the unorthodox reality TV route and appearing on Planet of the Apps, an idea-pitching contest streamed online by Apple Music. His concept caught the interest of one of the show’s celebrity judges, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who is still involved in the project as an advisor. Daniels also consulted family judges and attorneys in his home state as the app was developed.

The result – Fayr – is now available for iOS devices (with a version for Android due shortly). It features a calendar, an expense tracker, a function for generating reports which can be submitted in court, and even an option for geo-location and check-ins (i.e. locating the phone running the app via GPS and recording this). Each half of the former couple can use the app to easily keep track of scheduled time with the children, school events, doctor’s appointments, birthday parties and similar happenings. Geo-location allows them to demonstrate where they are at particular points in time if trust has become an issue between the former couple. They can enter receipts and details of expenditure related to the kids.

Mr Daniels explained:

“Nothing is going to represent you better than the truth. And Fayr is going to represent the absolute truth.”

He believes the reports generated by the app will be especially beneficial to users.

“Most people lose court cases because they are poorly documented. And that’s just the fact. You might be the better parent, but if you haven’t documented properly – you don’t take full advantage of your 10-15 minutes in front of a judge – you are going to lose.”

He stressed that

“… you can use the FAYR app even if the other parent does not want to participate.”

He is now planning a similar app for couples who are still married as well as carers of elderly relatives.

Author: Stowe Family Law


  1. Jay says:

    In two words: Bloody marvellous! “The greatest thing since sliced bread”…..

    Wish this had come along about 4-5 years ago, in the region where I live….

    Because I, too, lost entirely on “insufficient documentation” — and that was simply because the judge would NOT order the other side to hand over documents that WOULD have proved my case — to have her settlement thrown out! I feel a keen sense of injustice — and yet an app like this would have gone a very long way towards “evening things up a bit”.

    If it gets accepted in courts around the world, the guy almost deserves a Nobel Peace Prize….

    It seems to be a great, GREAT idea — for “better” justice!

    • Michael Daniels says:

      Thank you, Jay. It’s very validating to know others can relate and see the merits of using Fayr. Being an entrepreneur is tough and filled with highs and lows. But, when I get a response like yours, it’s a real shot in the arm and fires me up to keep pushing forward➡️. Thanks again.

      All my best wishes,


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