ONS claims domestic violence increase

Family|October 24th 2017

Reported incidents of domestic violence increased by close to 20 per cent last year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has announced.

In its newly published Crime in England and Wales: year ending June 2017, the ONS say 511,319 incidents of domestic abuse were reported to the Police over the year, a sizeable 18 percent more than in the previous year, when ‘only’ 431,7682 reports were made. But the ONS believe the apparent increase does not necessarily reflect a real world trend – just improvements to crime recording procedures.

Around six per cent of adults aged 16 to 59 have experienced domestic abuse of some kind over the previous two years, according to the statistics. The figures include the recently formulated offence of ‘coercive control’, which was placed on the statues books at the end of December 2015. A total of 4,246 incidences of this offences were recorded for the year ending March 2017.

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  1. Dr Grumpy says:

    Any information on male victims of DV?

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