Divorce is taking longer

Divorce|December 27th 2017

While the overall divorce rate may be in decline, the time each one takes is increasing according to new research.

A survey of more than 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 55, all of whom had divorced or separated at some point in the last decade, found that the average divorce took 14 and a half months to complete. This represents an increase from a previous survey in 2014, in which a divorce took an average of 11 and a half months.

The research was conducted by insurance company Aviva. Their previous survey revealed that couples spend around £44,000 on average to bring their marriage to an end. This includes legal fees as well as other expenses such as separate holidays or new furniture. A report in The Times earlier this week suggested that this figure has probably also risen in the last three years.

Paul Brencher is the health director at Aviva UK. He said that a divorce or separation was “likely to be one of the most emotionally demanding life events for people who experience it”. If a couple does not have a clear understanding of their finances, this can “make a complex, and often lengthy separation process more difficult” he added.

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  1. Samantha says:

    Many have tried contacting the firm and said they don’t exept legal aid clients to represent them. However the hourly charges were confirmed and sadly many families just don’t have that John.

  2. Dr Grumpy says:

    The main reasons why my divorce took so long was the behaviour of my ex and the mistakes made by the DDJ presiding over the financial settlement He got it so badly wrong that I was able to appeal and win. The appeal itself took nearly a year to resolve. Her lies just made it more difficult to get to the truth

  3. Andy says:

    3 years from start. One robbing Solicitor who I got rid of due to paying money and getting nothing done or in such actions to drag things out and cost me more..
    Second Solicitor couldn’t believe how incompetent my initial solicitor was and we had to start again..
    Total cost was £20k. Majority of savings gone and resolve a day in court for Financial remedy…
    The up shot was the Judge was my savior as my ex wanted everything and would leave me with just my socks on.. Pitty because the judge just threw her demands out and gave me the basic 70/30 split.. Very nice thanks.. CLEAN BREAK.
    that’s all you need…
    Moral of a story… play the game of living just like your ex does..
    (*Comment moderated)

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