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Putting your foot in it: what not to say to your partner during the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2018 starts tomorrow.  For football fans, it marks the start of four weeks of footie madness.  For everyone else, especially those who live with a fan, it’s time to become a World Cup widow / widower.

However, a month is a long time to lead separate lives. You may have thoughts on jumping on the sofa with a ‘can’t beat them – join them attitude’ (my advice – don’t). Or at the very least heading to the pub…

So, if at any point in the next four weeks, you find yourself in front of a large screen or TV with your better-half for the sake of your relationship, do not ask any of the following questions:

Where’s David Beckham / Wayne Rooney / (the only footballer’s name you know)?

Far, far back in time (1996), David Beckham first started playing in the World Cup. It would be a miracle if he was still on the team. Today, he is in his 40s which is far too old in the football world.

But England / Wales / Scotland aren’t playing?

People that really like football, will watch all football at the World Cup, whether their national team is playing or not.

I hope there is a penalty shoot-out…

That’s because you’re not that bothered about the result. But for the millions of fans watching it is one of those terrifying, watch through your fingers kind of moment.

Why are footballers so over-paid?

Well, they are. And whilst a debate should take place about the extraordinary salaries that top players receive, now is not the time.

It’s just a game

For the passionate football fans out there, it really is not.

Of course, I’m well aware that lots of women love football and are extremely good at playing it, so the advice above is written for all non-football fans – whatever their gender.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Footballers are entertainers and are paid what the market will bear. If you don’t think they are worth it don’t watch them, but get over yourself.

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