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Stowe Guests: Claire Black, Divorce & Break-up Coach

In this instalment of Stowe guests, we catch-up with Claire Black from Claire Black Divorce Coaching.

Claire is one of the UK’s first accredited specialist Divorce Coaches, a former lawyer, and Advanced NLP Practitioner. She is based in the Bristol area, joins us today to look at what divorce coaching is and how it can help people thinking about or going through a relationship breakdown.

What can a divorce coach do for me?

September sees a peak in new instructions for divorce. Divorce is always a catalyst for change in your life, and often it can feel overwhelming. Only one thing is certain during a divorce: that your life will not look the same afterwards.

Many people are turning to a growing number of specialist divorce coaches for additional support and guidance alongside their legal adviser.

What is divorce coaching?

My own divorce 10 years ago hit me like a train. I didn’t know which way to turn. What to do. I was often overwhelmed by all the emotions I was feeling. I was afraid of what my future might look like, and I knew that there was a multitude of decisions looming ahead of me – about my home, my job, our children, my future.

Fundamentally, who was I, now that I was no longer a wife?

Finding support and non-judgmental guidance was challenging – not something I ever want others to experience.

As a divorce coach, I use a wide range of strategies and techniques to help you navigate your break up, speed up your healing process, and rediscover yourself.

You have the choice to let your separation and divorce define you or to consciously put yourself in the driving seat of your life.  This means exploring choices, making changes and taking back control.  I help people to see their options and start taking small steps that add up to massive leaps forward.

It is not what happens to you that matters; it is what you do with what happens to you.

How can coaching help me?

Divorce coaching provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to:

  • recognise, understand and manage your emotions
  • focus on you
  • take responsibility
  • get clarity and reduce overwhelm
  • see possibilities and positive choices
  • take back control
  • make empowering decisions
  • build confidence and resilience
  • face your fears
  • create supportive boundaries
  • concentrate on moving forward positively
  • redefine yourself and know what matters to you
  • create a vibrant new life that excites you

You are what you choose to become.

How is divorce coaching different from counselling?

Coaching is forward-focused, and outcome orientated. It concentrates on what you can do to help yourself to feel better, to heal and recover. You won’t spend hours telling your story, as this can keep you stuck.

How is divorce coaching different from mediation?

Your coach works with you as an individual to help you emotionally and practically through your divorce. A coach will not give legal advice. Mediation is a legal process which aims to help both parties discuss and resolve legal issues arising during the divorce process.

Is divorce coaching worth the investment?


A specialist divorce coach can be a hugely valuable part of your support network. As you build your emotional resources and resilience, you will find that you can make clearer decisions about key aspects of your life – from your personal finances and your home, to arrangements for your children.

Coaching can help you to see more choice and achieve a better outcome.

Having a coach to help you build your strength will leave your lawyer free to concentrate on the legal aspects of your separation, with clear, focused instructions.

Unlike a holiday, which makes you feel good in the short term, coaching will help you grow, and give you strategies that you can take forward and use every day. It will help you move from that place of feeling overwhelmed to a place where you can redefine yourself and your life vision.

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You can get in touch with Claire at or call 07722 007528


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