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Meet in the middle: the power of family mediation when a relationship breaks

Last week, Graham Coy, Partner at our London Chancery Lane office attended the 30th annual conference of The Family Mediators Association at King’s College in London.

Today, he joins us on the blog to discuss the power of mediation.

So, whilst not news in itself, attending the conference gives me a good opportunity to explain the massive advantages which mediation offers to resolve issues about the arrangements for children, finances and anything else when a relationship breaks down.

What is family mediation?

Family mediation is when an independent, professionally trained mediator or mediators help to work out an agreement about issues such as:

It can also be used to help with other issues for example, children keeping in touch with their grandparents, step families, or in-laws.

Mediation is dynamic and entirely flexible and can be very innovative. It can look, not just at what needs to be resolved but also the underlying causes. Mediators are and remain neutral. They can offer no advice but they can look at solutions and test whether they might work or not. Mediation works best when each party is supported by solicitors, at the outset, during the process and at the end.

The advantages speak for themselves and can be summarised as follows:

  • It gives both parties more say about what happens
  • It’s less stressful, with less conflict
  • It can be less upsetting or damaging for any children involved, and helps them continue important family relationships
  • Specially trained mediators can see any children involved and allow them an opportunity to express their views, concerns and wishes
  • It is quicker and far cheaper than long drawn-out court proceedings

Mediation at Stowe Family Law

I was one of the first solicitors to be recognised as an accredited specialist by the Solicitors Family Law Association (now known as Resolution). I am also qualified as a mediator with the Family Mediators Association and able to undertake direct consultation with children. I recently became one of the very first family arbitrators able to make decisions about children.

We also have mediators available in London, Nottingham, St Albans and Winchester. However, our mediation services are not restricted to these offices as people will travel to other offices to see clients.

Our mediator services and team can be found here.

Please do get in touch with any of the team to discuss how mediation can help you.

Graham Coy

01 October 2018

Graham was based at the firm's London family law office. His career as a family law specialist has spanned three decades. He is an experienced advocate, mediator and arbitrator who has worked in all areas of family law.

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