Family Mediation Week Day 3: Useful reading material

Children|Mediation | 23 Jan 2019 0

Day three of Family Mediation Week focuses on the children and child-inclusive mediation, which has already been mentioned by us earlier this week and allows the children to have a voice in the mediation process, and also explains how mediation can help deal with the financial issues.

There is a lot of very useful material available at the website. 

This includes an article by Bill Hewlett “so why should children be included in mediation”, explaining why giving children a voice in the mediation process can be so important, especially for them.

Also featured is an article by the Chair of the Family Mediators Association, Philippa Johnson, emphasising the importance of prioritising the children and communication.

Marcia Mediation explains what mediation is about and how it can be paid for, not just in relation to children but also in relation to the finances as well.

Resolving the financial issues following separation or divorce in mediation is no different from resolving the financial issues through court proceedings.

It is a two-stage process:

Finding out exactly what there is in the way of assets, property, liabilities, pensions and income.
Dividing those fairly, taking into account all the relevant circumstances of each and every case; no circumstances are ever the same.

As we have explained before during the course of Family Mediation Week, mediation can be far quicker, far cheaper and gives those involved in the mediation process an opportunity to be at the forefront of framing an agreement, rather than a judge dictating what the solution is going to be.

Finally, there is a useful article warning of the pitfalls which can undermine resolving matters easily and quickly.

Graham was based at the firm's London Chancery Lane office. His career as a family law specialist has spanned three decades. He is an experienced advocate, mediator and arbitrator who has worked in all areas of family law.

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